Boredom Killer: 125+ Fun Websites to Kill Time when you’re Bored

In this busy life, we hardly get any free time. So, we always try to enjoy all of our free time in best way possible. But sometimes, when we have nothing interesting to do, there is not any special update in social media, we have run out of games, no one’s free to meet, no one is even available to call or chat,  it becomes really hard to pass time.

At such times, either negative thoughts consume us or we just get bored. And, when this free time overs, we aren’t equally productive because in our spare time, we didn’t do anything to refresh our mind. It’s important to enjoy our free time so that our mind can be refreshed. So, if you have nothing interesting to do then we have few cool sites which you’ll love to browse.

We are representing the list of 125+ fun websites which will help you to kill your time in best way possible. These sites include all sort of funny photos/videos, games, meme, humor,  quiz/puzzle, viral events/news sites which will kill the boredom and refresh your mind within few minutes.

Browse the list of fun websites below but beware! these sites are very addictive. So, don’t get that much attached to these sites that you starts to browse them in your working hours. Limited browsing these sites to few minutes of your free time daily and you’ll feel relaxed.

Website Name


Website URL

A Softer WorldWeb Comics
Amazing Super PowersWeb Comics
Armor GamesGames
Astronomy Picture of The DayEducational
Awkward Family PhotosFunny
Best of CraigslistFunny
Best of RedditEntertainment
Best of YoutubeVideos
Chrome ExperimentsInteractive
Clients From HellFunny
College HumorVideos
Cyanide & HappinessWeb Comics
Damn Funny TextsFunny
Damn You Auto CorrectFunny
Darwin AwardsFunny
Dear Girls Above MeFunny
Deviant ArtMisc.
Dr. McNinjaWeb Comics
Draw A Stick ManInteractive
Dude I Want ThatConsumerism
E-Baums WorldVideos
F My LifeFunny
Fat PieVideos
Flame PainterInteractive
Funny or DieVideos
HomeStar RunnerVideos
Honest SlogansFunny
I Waste So Much TimeEntertainment
Ill Will PressVideos
Improve EverywhereVideos
Joe CartoonVideos
Kerbel Space ProgramGames
Laboratory ArchiveInteractive
Line 3dInteractive
Little AlchemyInteractive
MMO PlayGames
Mondo MediaVideos
Mr. DoobInteractive
MS Paint AdventuresWeb Comics
My Extra LifeWeb Comics
Over QualifiedFunny
Panorama FailFunny
Passive Aggressive NotesFunny
Penny ArcadeWeb Comics
People of WalmartFunny
Pointless SitesEntertainment
PVP OnlineWeb Comics
Rather GoodVideos
Rhett and LinkVideos
Rooster TeethVideos
Secret PantsVideos
Shut up And Take My MoneyConsumerism
Spoiled PhotosFunny
Texts From Last NightFunny
The Best Page In The UniverseFunny
The ChiveEntertainment
The Internet Is....Entertainment
The Lonely IslandVideos
The OatmealWeb Comics
The OnionFunny
The Useless WebEntertainment
The Useless Website GeneratorMisc.
This is SandInteractive
This Is Why I'm BrokeConsumerism
Useful ScienceMisc.
Vector ParkInteractive
VG CatsWeb Comics
Waiter RantFunny
Weave SilkInteractive
Where Cool Things HappenEntertainment
Where The F*ck Should I Go To Eat?Misc.
White WhineFunny
Why Siri WhyFunny
Winning At EverythingFunny
World CamMisc.
XKCDWeb Comics
Bored PandaEntertainment
Cartoonize YourselfInteractive
Clever BotEvil AI Replies, Interactive
Draw StickmanInteractive
Drew Curtis' FARK.comDiscussion
Ebaum's WorldFunny Photo/Videos
Emails from an As*holeFunny
Feed the HungryOnline Quiz
Funny JunkHumour
Funny or DieFunny
Listen to RainRelaxing
MiniClip Online GamesGames
OddeeOdd, Viral Stuff
Quick MemeFunny
The Nicest Place in InternetGet Free HUGS
Virtual BubbleWrapInteractive
What Should I Read NextEducational
ZoomquiltWeird Zoom

Bookmark this article to quickly navigate to this list of most awesome websites to kill boredom. Let us know which of the above sites do you like the most. And, if you know any other fun website that we forget to include in this list, please comment it below.

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