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On May 30, 2017
Last modified:February 18, 2018


In this tech era, when most of our work has been shifted online, the increase in the transfer of secure data, use of confidential information through the internet has been increased a lot too. And, the Internet is not that good and simple as it was earlier.  Security techniques to protect internet user, their privacy, their data has increased and so, the hacking techniques.

Moreover, websites, online companies are tracking too much of a user’s information which might offend you but that’s legal now. Lots of important websites are blocked either by government or site owners. So overall, the internet has increased and expanded but not in a good way.

If you want to browse the internet with the same security, anonymity, and freedom, you can’t trust the government or all those online NGOs to protect your privacy. You need to take step by yourself. After all, it’s a big loss only you if your identity has been compromised online or your confidential information like credit card details, important accounts’ credentials, social networks profiles are hacked.

Only antivirus software aren’t enough because they can only scan the network for malicious files. They can’t protect your privacy, fake your identity online, block trackers or unblock blocked websites & web content for you.  To protect your privacy, hide identity, unblock sites and browse the internet with full freedom & security, you need a VPN Software. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) software provide ultra-secure protection to a network. It funnels network traffic through the secure tunnel and all the data being sent/received is encrypted which allows VPN users to browse the web securely and anonymously.

If you Google “VPN”, you can find lots of VPN software but among them, trusted ones are only a few. So, we recommend you our trusted VPN software which we have tried from a very long time – SpyOFF VPN. The VPN software is not only trusted but it uses advanced techniques to encrypt user’s data & provides tons of features for its VPN users to enjoy.

What is SpyOFF VPN?

SpyOFF VPN is a popular and trusted VPN software which is online security to over 5 million users all around the world from years. It is available for Windows PC, MAC OS X, Android and iOS device. Hence you can protect both computer & mobile phones at once using SpyOFF VPN, secure their network connection and browse anonymously.

SpyOFF VPN lets you choose many VPN servers from 20+ countries. You can use them to disguise your IP and thereby removing all your data trace. Afterward, once you are in SpyOFF VPN dedicated IP, it will be almost impossible for data spies, companies and governments to trace you and put together a comprehensive profile on you, including your interests and data.

Companies trace user’s data including purchasing patterns, product references, religious beliefs and even your sexual orientation. All these data are bound to user’s IP address and when combined, create user’s profile. By faking your IP address to one of the IP provided by SpyOFF VPN, you can falsify this data and ensure your privacy in the age of data retention.

SpyOFF VPN look after your online security, ensure that you have access to all possible content, provide a multitude of country IPs and offer a browsing experience without any loss of speed. At the same time, you can connect to their entire range of servers and change your connection as often as you want.

How To Use SpyOFF VPN?

To use SpyOFF VPN, you need to download & install its app/software for your device. You can download SpyOFF VPN app for Windows, MAC OS, Android and iOS devices by using this link:


Once you have downloaded the VPN app, install it in your device and open it. Now, it will first ask you to login into SpyOFF VPN account. So, if you haven’t created, you can create a free account at its website and login to your SpyOFF VPN account in the VPN app.

For Desktop

Once you open SpyOFF VPN app and login into your account, you will see this screen below which provides all the countries to choose from. You can either directly click on connect and SpyOFF VPN will automatically choose country & assign its IP address to your network or select any country manually.

SpyOFF App for Windows

There are three different modes are provided to connect to internet using VPN: Ultra Secure, Balanced and Highspeed. These modes provide trade-off between speed and security with Ultra secure mode providing highest level of security but lower speed and Highspeed mode provide fastest speed but at the cost of some security.

You should use Ultra Secure mode if you are more concerned about your privacy but if the connection speed becomes too slow, I recommend you to use Balanced mode which is optimized combination of both security settings and speed.

SpyOFF VPN provides a lots of important settings through its Settings button. Click it and a popup appears which allow you to manage advanced settings like load at startup, language setting, connection retries, Protocol (TCP, UDP, PPTP and L2TP) connection timeout, etc.

Once you are connected to a VPN server of a specific country (lets say, USA) then your IP address is changed to USA IP address and now, not only your identity is disguised, you can also access websites, apps and content like videos/images which are blocked in your country or available only for USA.

For Mobile Phone

When you open SpyOFF VPN for the first time, it will ask to login to your SpyOFF account. Once you have logged in, you are ready to enjoy full benefits of SpyOFF VPN in your Android mobile or iPhone.

SpyOFF VPN Android Mobile

Through SpyOFF VPN app, you can not only select the country to disguise your IP address but you can also view exactly from which location of a specific country you want to use the VPN’s IP. The ping time & availability percentage of SpyOFF VPN servers will let you know which is the fastest VPN server to use.

As you connect to a VPN server, all your network traffic from mobile phone will be secured, encrypted and your location will be faked to the server location that you’ve set.

So, now you can enjoy safe web browsing and access to blocked content which was blocked in your country or only available for a specific country.

Pricing and Availability

SpyOFF VPN is available at a free 15-days trial period for all the users who wants to test the VPN service by themselves. Once you are satisfied with the VPN, you can buy starter plan at the rate of 9.99€ per month. You can buy SpyOFF VPN yearly package which will cost you 30% less and you’ll be able to enjoy SpyOFF VPN premium service at the rate of 6.99€ per month.

Wrapping it Up

SpyOFF VPN is a powerful VPN provider which offers advance encryption and a wide range of servers to provide you full security and anonymity. We are using the VPN from a long time and we are satisfied with its service so far. Pricing is also reasonable. At such low plan its hard to get such level of security and freedom from any other VPN service.

However at the end, it all depends on how well “you” are satisfied with this VPN service. So, we recommend you to try SpyOFF VPN for once and I am sure you’ll not be disappointed. Visit SpyOFF VPN official website.

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