10 Awesome Comics Strips Websites To Make Your Own Comics Quickly & Easily

Comics are amazing. Although unlike movies or animated shows, they lack the visual continuity because they have still figures doing some action with speech bubbles beside them. However, it doesn’t work against them. Readers even like it more because comics make them imagine. They make our brain fantasize what a reader is reading very strongly. That’s why even decades have passed, more advanced visualizing technologies like 3D, 5D, 7D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality has arrived but comics are still having their same glamour.

People have minimized purchasing comics books because internet has made them available online but they didn’t give up on their addiction to comics reading. You can see it yourself by checking the popularity of some good webcomic sites like CollegeHumor, Explosm, etc. Hundreds of new readers are joining these sites daily and millions of readers are following them on daily basis.

So, if you’ve got a great comic story idea then have faith that readers are available online. They will read your comics and if they like it, they will start following you for more. BUT, are you are going to manually draw every character again and again in your webcomic? It’s gonna talk a lot of time and efforts. And, if you want to create comics just for your friends then it isn’t worthwhile.

Let me tell you the smart way: Use online comics strips maker. There are many cool comics strips websites which provide you template characters, expressions, scenes, shapes, and other useful tools to help you make awesome webcomic, storyboard or graphic novel quickly and easily.

To ease your hunt even further. We are representing here best 10 online comics strips maker we found with the best tools, templates and features. Scroll down to read about these online comics makers and choose the one you want to use.

1. Make Beliefs Comix!

The site is easy enough for even kids to use and create amazing comics. It provides easy panel to select characters, backgrounds, objects, message box, etc. User only need to scroll and click on what things he want to put in his comics and they will be available to use instantly. You can choose to have two, three or four page comics. The below one is 3 page comics.

You can move, adjust, scale up/down, flip, overlap or delete objects. The web comic generator provides animated characters too. So, you can also create animated comics gif/videos. You can print/email your comics once you have created it using Make Beliefs Comix Print/Email button or Start Over and try again. All of it is available for free and without registration.


2. Marvel – Create Your Own Comics

Marvel is known for its superheroes movies from decades. If you are also among its crazy comic fans, you might want to create a superheroes comics as like Marvel.  If you had this dream then you can pursuit it as Marvel is itself providing you the tools to create your online superheroes movies using Marvel superheroes.

The Marvel online comics generator allows you to create either a 1 to 3 panel comic strip or create a fully fledged comic book. The superheroes characters, their effects, text bubbles, layout panel, everything is available just go and get to work.

3. Pixton

Pixton provides you different set of templates for comic strips, story board and graphic novel. Once you have decided what you really want to create, you can move ahead and browse through the templates provided here. You might need to login using Facebook, Google account or email address but once done, you can browse all the available templates, choose characters and start making your comics.

Pixton is much better comic strip maker. It provides facility to create professional comic strip but if you are a student and you have limited use, you can use their provided tools, template and accessories for free. You can modify your characters and scenes too. Hence, in short you will be able to customize the comics with full flexibility.

4. StoryboardThat Storyboard Creator

StoryboardThat storyboard creator is very powerful comic strip generator. It provides lots of layout options, backgrounds, templates, characters, textables, shapes, web icons, allow to edit/modify template or upload your own image to use inside comics. You can copy cells, move cells, work against gridlines to create perfectly aligned comics.

The free (limited) plan itself has lots of features, templates and tools but if you want more, buy StoryboardThat premium membership and your will have endless options to choose for your creative comics.

StoryboardThat Storyboard Creator

5. ReadWriteThink Comic Creator

ReadWriteThink Comic Creator is very simple comic strip maker which lets you generate line drawing, black and white comics where you can define number of panels, choose characters, add captions, thought/speech bubbles, add objects and print them out in such a format like someone has manually drawn it in a sheet of paper.

To create comics, you don’t need to sign up anywhere just start with adding your comics name, author and subtitle, you can start now.

6. StripGenerator

StripGenerator.com is cool website to create sarcastic comics. It doesn’t offer much attractive collections but whatever it has, it provides them with full flexibility. The site provides many 2D black& white characters/objects which you can edit to add colors of your choice. You can adjust cells in your canvas just by dragging them, you can scale up/down, rotate characters, tweak images, modify characters/objects and you can save them to use later.

Either create comics anonymously without signing up or create & login to your account to claim your work in StripGenerator.com. Watch the video below to know how to use this comics strip generator to create your own comics.

7. Toondoo

Toondoo is another flexible comic strip generator online which not only allow you to make comics using available templates and characters but also provides tools to create your own character for comic. You can freely paint using it’s doodlr tool, import and modify image to add comic effects to them.

Unlike other sites, Toondoo is providing great flexibility and backup facility. You can save your project in mid-way and resume the work next time. You can share/embed your character or comics with your friends in social networks and buy print-quality images of your favorites.

Toondoo Comics Maker

8. Comic Master

Comic Master is flash-based comic strip generator using which you can create your own comic characters and craft original stories with them. The website guides you on the way with instructions on how to use the current panel. Start by setting the page layout, proceed and add background, props, characters, speech bubbles, thought bubbles, captions, special effects. Finally get a complete comic strip and take its printout.

9. WittyComics

This comic strip will work great if you use it for educational purpose. For example, if you want to teach your students a foreign language, the templates provided in this site will help you to portray conversation between two person easily with pre-drawn scene. Add your characters, some text and you are good to go.

10. WriteComics

If you are in a hurry and want to generate a comic strip quickly, the site will allow you to generate it in few minutes because you don’t need to go through many different step-by-step processes, registrations, form filling or adjustments. Select background, add character, keep duplicating your panel while changing speech bubbles. See the example below.

One of the most popular comic strips websites, Bitstrips has changed the way they were providing their service. Earlier, they provided comic maker through their website but now they are providing it with their Bitmoji app available for Android and iOS. So, if you want to add comic flavor to your chat messages, install Bitstrips Bitmoji, create your personal characters emoji and start using them throughout your chat with friends.

Try any comic maker you want from the list and please leave feedback about them in the comments section below.

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