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Are you looking to start a personal blog or a website? I think the high cost of hosting package is a primary concern for you because the cost of a domain name is $10 pretty much everywhere. In general, the price of hosting services depends on the features and quality of infrastructure offered by a hosting provider.

However, if you are one of those who has no budget for paid hosting service right now, you may look for a free hosting provider.

Of course, it is unfair to compare the free hosting services with paid ones, but there are few hosting providers that are getting a good response from users for offering quality services at zero cost. The one name that has gained the trust of millions of people is 000webhost.com.

Today, I am going to do a deep examination of their services to help you make a right decision.

Introduction of 000webhost

000webhost.com is one of the oldest and longest-running names in the free hosting niche. Founded in 2007, the platform is an excellent choice for users who are just getting started and looking to acquaint themselves with the world of hosting.

000webhost is powered by its parent company Hostinger and is created by the same team who built Hostinger. The hosting provider is also a part of elite ICANN accredited registrar community which means you can rely on their services.

What is Included in Their Free Plan?

The provider comes with a fully functional hosting platform that can accommodate almost all the requirements of a small website owner.

Their free plan includes 10 GB of bandwidth, 1GB of disk space, 2 MySQL Databases, 5 email forwarders and free domain hosting. In addition to this, there are a number of other useful tools and features provided by 000webhost under its free plan.

Some of the major ones are:

  • cPanel access
  • HTML & CSS support
  • Single-click script installer
  • Free website builder, etc.

Who Should Find 000webhost as an Ideal Platform?

000webhost can be an ideal hosting option for anyone who wants to run a website that needs limited resources. Definitely, it misses many features of paid hosting, but in any situation, it can fulfill the requirements of followings.

  • Students who are looking a good hosting provider for college projects and assignments, especially for web programming courses.
  • Individual bloggers who want to share their art, ideas, and thoughts with the internet community. (Not ideal for blogs require uploading of heavy images)
  • Learners who want to learn building sites on popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  • Online marketers who want to create landing pages to trigger leads and promote their offers. People who to go with custom landing pages may use 000webhost to host their landing pages.


Multiple Options for Website Creation

 After signing up with 000webhost, you get 3 options to build a website. These options are:

  1. Using WordPress
  2. Website Builder Tool
  3. Direct Uploading

It means whether you have the coding knowledge or not, you will be able to create a website with 000webhost. This one factor alone attracting many users.

Ads Free Experience

One of the biggest complaints that most users make about free hosting providers is annoying ads that they get with their free hosting. Most free hosting providers enforce their user to run their ads on their website to compensate their services. Luckily, this not the case with 000webhost. Here you get a complete ads-free experience.

On the contrary, they allow their users to run ads of their own and earn revenue out of them. Bloggers can easily earn money by joining affiliate programs or running adsense program on their site.

Website Builder

 As we said above, the platform gives you multiple options for building a website – website builder is one of them. Users who don’t want to create a website on WordPress or any other platform, the provider gives them liberty to build site in its website builder. Users can make their site live in just three steps.

  1. First, users have to choose a template out of hundreds of option.
  2. Second, they need to add content
  3. Third and last one, Hit ‘Publish’ button and your site is ready to rock and roll.

Moreover, you can add subpages, forms, and galleries without any coding knowledge and expertise on your site.

cPanel Access

As we said before, the hosting provider offers free and easy access to their control panel using which users can easily manage their websites without depending on professional developers.

In the absence of control panel access, you will need to turn to support for even small things like creating backups, changing the password, managing files, etc.

Users who are particular about having access to control panel can try this great website hosting service..

MySQL and PHP Support

No matter whether you have a small website or big, today everyone needs to manage a database for their site. As we mentioned before, with 000webhost users get access to two MySQL databases they can easily manage their site data.

In addition to this, 000webhost also offers access to PHP; the programming language in which you build a website. In short with 000webhost you get enough freedom to change the way your website looks and feels.

Ease of Use

Unlike many hosting providers, 000webhost dashboard is quite clear. Most of the important options that a novice may need are available in the front.

Apart from this, their features like one-click script installation, easy control panel, FTP support and instant manual backup are few good examples of their user-friendliness.


Are you still thinking? Come on! You are not paying even a single dollar then why you are thinking too much? If at any stage you find this free hosting is not able to fulfill your requirements, you can upgrade to their or any other premium service.

It will not take more than 5 minutes to build your site with 000webhost.com. Their sign up and activation process is quite easy and quick so try it yourself

I would love to read your experience, no matter which free hosting service you choose. Please do share your story in the following comment section.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM & Sguru.org, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.