4 FAQ’s about Home Printing [Answered]

From the convenience of printing last-minute documents to school homework, having a good printer at home can make your life so much easier. Home printers today come with an extensive range of capabilities including high-quality photo printing, wireless portability, etc.

Canon Printer PIXMA E3170

Picture Credit: Canon India

Model No: PIXMA E3170

If you’ve just brought home a brand new, quality printer, like a one from Canon PIXMA series, you may be faced with a few commonly asked questions. Read on to know more as we answer the top 4 FAQs about home printing:

1. How should I prevent paper jams?

One of the most common questions about printing at home is related to how to fix and avoid paper jams. The best way to ensure this is to make sure that you don’t mix two different brands of paper in the same tray.  It may seem like this is a minor detail to take care of but it can go a long way in efficiently feeding the printer with paper and avoiding paper jams. In case you are shown a paper jam warning but cannot locate the jam, simply remove the paper tray and run your hand along the bottom side of the printer. Even if there is no paper causing a jam, there may be some debris that is leading to a blockage. Once cleaned, put the paper tray back and the warning likely goes away.

2. How do I fix connectivity issues?

You can easily fix connectivity problems to do with your printer. In most cases, connectivity issues occur simply because your printer is not communicating with the computer. Restart both your computer and your printer and update all your drivers. It may also help to delete your printer from the computer and re-install it again. If the problem is related to connecting your portable wireless printer to the Wi-Fi, it may help to restart your router and verify the strength of the connection.

3. Can my printer only print in black and white instead of colour?

You can select black and white printing, also known as ‘Greyscale printing’ within the printer settings on your computer. This cannot be done directly via the printer. Depending on your operating system, you can follow certain steps to open printer properties and select greyscale printing. However, you must be mindful that this setting continues to use a combination of other colored inks. A mix of colors is used to create what is called a ‘composite’ black for graphics and images. The number of inks used depends on a number of factors. For example – if you’re using a color inkjet photo printer to print pictures, the number of colors used to print black may be relatively more than another model. Printing graphics and photos using just black ink are unfortunately not possible.

With these answered FAQs, printing at home is bound to be easier than ever. For more queries or troubleshooting, log on to the brand’s support page. Popular companies such as Canon offer dedicated customer support to ensure that all your questions are answered.

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