Top 4 Free SSD Data Recovery Software 2020

SSDs are the future of storage devices in laptops and computers. A lot of people nowadays have started using them over HDD due to the higher level of reliability that they offer. Often, when data present in SSD becomes corrupt, it becomes tough for users to recover it as people don’t have a lot of knowledge about SSDs. SSDs are now also found in external hard drives hence people nowadays use them as portable storage as well. If you ever find yourself troubled by issues like corrupted files, there are quite a few SSD recovery software that can be used to recover your data without any issues whatsoever.

The following are some of the best recovery software that you can use on your computer to recover files from SSD.


This is one of the best SSD recovery software that you can get in the market right now. It is used by millions of people all around the world due to its powerful file recovery features. One of the best things about this software is that it can recover from internal storage of you computer, along with external storages like external HDDs and SSDs, USB drives etc. This tool is extremely powerful and can even recover some deleted files. It has a simple and clean looking user interface, which makes it very easy for new users to use this tool.

Key features

Recover It by Wondershare

Stellar recovery tool

This is another popular file recovery software that is used by a lot of people around the world. It is a simple tool that can recover any type of file from your computer storage and even from the external storage. This recovery tool offers a trial period to new users but after that, you will need to pay in order to be able to recover files using this tool. If you are looking for a tool that can deep scan your storage and can find any lost file within a small amount of time, this just might be the right software for your requirements.

Key features
  • Not only you can use it to recover lost file from internal and external storages devices of computers, but you can also recover lost files on your iPhone with this software.
  • It can repair any corrupted videos from sources like surveillance cameras, DSLRs, webcams, mobile phones etc.
  • One of the best things about this software is that it has a 24×7 support team so that everyone can resolve any queries that they might have.

Stellar Data Recovery

Advanced disk recovery

If you have accidentally formatted your external hard drive and have lost the files in it, this tool can easily recover it. It has a very simple user interface that is preferred by professionals as well as beginner due to the ease of operation and powerful features provided by this software. The recovery process of this software is very fast and you will be allowed to recover multiple files at one go, which enhances the user experience along with the efficiency of the tools. This tool can also recover files from external sources like USB, external hard drives, CD, SD cards etc.

Key features
  • It supports recovery of all the different types of files and supports all the major tools.
  • It has a simple user interface which isn’t distracting or confusing for new users.
  • It is available to be downloaded and used for free.

Advance Data Recovery

Ease US data recovery wizard

Ease US recovery software is one of the most popularly used recovery tools among windows users as it offers tons of great features. To begin with it has an advanced recovery option that makes use of advanced recovery. One of the best things about this software is the clean and simplistic user interface that they have built as it makes it easier for users to go through the various features it offers.

Key features
  • It is free to use and has a special feature that allows it to recover lost or even deleted partitions.
  • It has a lot of filters that can be used to ensure that you can find the right file that you want to recover.
  • The user interface is clean and easy to use.

EaseUS Data Recovery


SSDs are one of the most popular storage drives nowadays due to their fast processing and better data transfer speeds. If you ever end up getting a few files corrupted, there are a lot of different tools available in the market that can be used to recover lost or deleted files from the SSD present in your computers. One of the best tools available for recovery of files is Recoverit. This is a free to use tool that can recover files from internal drives as well as external drives without any problem.

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