4 Signs of Gambling Addiction

For some, gambling has been deemed one of the most insidious forms of vice. Why so? Some claim it is because it offers people the illusion of easy money yet, can quickly lead to financial ruin. However, gambling is quite a social and diverse activity, with different games and sub-variants tailored for the occasion and the individual.

What are some signs of gambling addiction? The signs of gambling addiction can take some shapes. Some are physical. Meanwhile, some are psychological. A few of them are:

gambling addiction

Feeling The Need To Be Secretive About Gambling

First is the need to keep secretive about your gambling activities. This sign of gambling addiction largely takes place in the mind. But, it is also a behavioral indication that the person with gambling addiction finds it difficult to share their gambling activities for reasons.

Suppose this person is someone close to you and is not openly sharing their gambling activities. In that case, you may consider it a red flag because it indicates that the person may not feel comfortable telling you they exceeded their budget limit or spent too much money and time playing online.

Another reason they do not feel comfortable doing such is that they find shame that their gambling activity is getting out of hand and becoming more questionable. Mayhaps, they may feel shame in being unable to control themselves. In addition, another reason they feel this need to be more secretive is that they may think of the activity as pleasurable.

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Trouble Controlling Habits

Secondly, another sign of gambling addiction is trouble controlling their habits. Habits are easy to form. They also require a rest/test day of 21 days before a habit becomes permanent. The same principle may also apply to gambling habits.

When playing a game you like, it is easy to see how and why you develop certain habits. They are shaped because of certain preferences. And aside from preferences, here are human desires and motives that lead us to make certain choices when playing. One such pull is caused by the power of gambling to let you earn money.

As a result, habits are becoming harder to control for others who are developing a gambling addiction. Therefore, there is a need to keep gambling and playing within their lives.

Weight Gain

While in the throes of addiction, several gamblers turn to drugs, alcohol, and other activities to alleviate the anxiety the gambling lifestyle brings. Unfortunately, even if a gambler never experiences financial ruin due to their lifestyle, they may struggle with drug and alcohol addiction for the rest of life after self-medicating to deal with the stress.

According to a study by Donald W. Black, MD, Martha Shaw, BA, Brett McCormick, MS, and Jeff Allen, Ph.D., pathological gamblers weigh more than the standard. Those with pathological gambling problems possessed more medical and mental health conditions than controls and were likelier to avoid regular exercise and refrain from partaking in healthier habits. In addition, they were more likely to drink plenty of caffeine and do unhealthy things.

Weight Loss

On the other hand, it is also possible for those who suffer from gambling addiction to show weight loss. Sometimes, when people focus on something, they tend to neglect themselves. That means forgetting to eat or having a very low appetite for food.

As a result, there will be weight loss.

Wrapping Up

Gambling addiction comes in a variety of shapes, forms, and sizes. However, it is important to identify if someone close to you is so that you can be proactive and help them.

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