5 Simple Cheating Spouse App For Android

In the current times, relationships have become fragile, and the glue that holds it together wears out real quick. Yes, we are talking about trust. The silent erosion of trust brings your relation closer at an end. And this can be true in both cases and not just either.

Now, the question is what makes trust vanish into thin air. The answer lies in a single eight-letter word – Cheating.’ Deep down, you know when your partner is cheating on you. 

But when it is about saving relationships, actions cannot be viewed from the lens of morality. We have listed down a list of five best cheating spouse app.

As per some of the reports, approximately 50% of women cheat on their husbands. The figures increase by approximately ten percentage points for men. Nearly 40% of marriage end up in divorces due to extramarital affairs.  


Trying to find apps that can turn you into an invisible detective? You can get it on Spyine’s website. Take a look at the features that this tool brings for you if you are looking to spy on your cheating spouse without them knowing.

If you are wondering that you need to be some technology geek for using spyine, you are outrightly wrong. Using Spyine is just like using some other application. It has all three ingredients, which users often look for in any app.

It is affordable, easy-to-use, and, most importantly, provides results.  This is probably why Spyine has millions of users across the globe. One of the best things about Spying is that it leaves no trace behind.

Once you install the app in the host device, it automatically disappears. It will function under the labyrinth of secrecies. To extract the information from the host device, you need to visit the dashboard. It is designed to give you categorized information from various sources. 

The list of features which makes the Spyine, the best cheating spouse app are in plenty. It is tough to pinpoint a single feature that is off the radar.

Here, we are talking about spying features like- tracking social media engagements, reading text messages, following schedule, and navigating locations.

Steps to install apps 

In your phone In your spouse device
  1. Visit the signup page 
1. Locate the download link from Spyine set-up wizard.
  1. Enter the details to login (for existing user)
2. Grant permissions by clicking allow
  1. If you’re new to the platform click on the signup tab to register.
3. Wait for a couple of minutes till the main page is displayed. 

You can even look at the demo videos by visiting Spyine’s website for having a step by step virtual guide.


Spyier goes a touch further from the Spyine and integrates SIM monitoring and tracking mechanisms. To put it plainly, you can know when a new SIM card was inserted into the device.

The information regarding date, time, and location can also be gathered for future references. Spyier does the usual task of spying too. You can check the messages sent through various social media platforms.

You don’t need to be a hacking wizard for accessing your spouse’s social media account. You can also skip through the awkward conversation of asking your partner, rather pestering at times, about the passwords.  

Spyier does all of these without your partner having faintest of an idea that she is being spied on. That’s the best part about various other apps in the concerned domain. The installation process largely remains the same as mentioned above in the table. 


Minspy is an ideal spying app, which can be used from anywhere and everywhere. You don’t need to be near the device. It instantly takes away the chances of being caught spying.

Considering it is an app, one might tend to have a notion that it can be used only through a smartphone. Put an end to such notions you monitor the mobile device activity even from your laptop. You just need to login to your account.

Minspy provides a plethora of information right from personal text messages, to social media interactions, and even skimming through the mails. Just as easy as the process of installation, the act of removing the app is even easier. You need to uninstall options. 

Easy uninstallation is as important as installing the app. You would surely love to uninstall the app when your device is in someone else’s hand. Thereby, you can avoid suspicion of any kind. Plus, you will have the option of respecting your partner’s privacy.      


Spyic is one of the best detective apps that can get you a lot of information about your partner. All of the Information collected is protected with layers of security.

The privacy of data is held sacred, and utmost importance is laid on its security. The number of people using Spyic is testimony to its reliability. It takes a couple of minutes to pass through the registration process, and have your account ready.

Spyic has been a constant talking point among media outlets. It gives the application much-deserved visibility in the public domain. 

Mostly, such apps are considered to be dubious. But the strength of Spyic lies in its originality and simplicity, and yes, there is nothing dubious about it. 

So. leave your apprehensions in the closet, and subscribe to the app. Who knows one click-to-install can save your marriage for a lifetime. 


Keylogger and Geofence are the highlighting features of Cocospy. It is such features that make it popular among the masses. There are not many applications around, which have such a combination of dual features.

With a keylogger, you can acquire important credentials, which otherwise would have led to an awkward conversation. It is quite unnatural to have a stoic face and enquire about passwords. It would lead to trust issues, which could make relationships worse. 

Monitoring through social media can unearth mysteries. You can bend it in your favor to save a relationship by taking your partner into confidence. 

Virtual relationships can go awry, and this where your partner needs you. He/she needs you to be the guide through tumultuous times while dealing with multiple emotions driven by online abuse. You could also view more info about spying on cheating spouse’s Android on Neatspy.


Everything boils down to putting the available technology to your advantage in solving relationship issues. Many such relationships have cheating residing at the core of it. For such, you can visit Spyine’s website anytime you want.

We would like to help you through the process and be your technological aid all along. The bottom line is, we are always on the lookout for providing the best cheating spouse app. So that you don’t have to look beyond us.

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