7 Reasons for Online Casino Restrictions

Gamblers usually feel terrible to discover that their online casino account has been hit with a restriction. However, whether casino players like it or not, account suspension will continue happening as long as online gambling exists.

While some online gambling platforms like Yeti Casino have fair regulations and outline their rules and regulation explicitly on their website, many other online casinos are not transparent. Hence, players often find themselves violating one rule or the other, leading to restrictions on their accounts.

So, have you experienced an account restriction and don’t know why? Or do you want to prevent your online casino account from being banned? Then keep reading, as we will be discussing the possible causes of online casino account restriction.


Reasons for Account Restriction

Below are seven major reasons why an online casino or another gambling platform may restrict or place a ban on your betting account.

1. Too Many Failed Login Attempts 

This is a common reason for account suspension. This could be a good thing, as too many failed log-in attempts could mean hackers trying to breach your account.

In this instance, you should be thankful for the site’s security features, which detects these unsuccessful log-in attempts and stops hackers from breaking in and clearing out your funds

On the flip side, the case may be that you have forgotten your login username or password. This can happen if you haven’t logged in for a while.

If you’re having trouble gaining access to your account due to failed password attempts, you can always reach out to customer support for help.

Many online casinos also have account recovery features, where you can answer test questions to confirm that you own the account.

2. Unsuccessful Verification Process

All licensed casinos conduct a “Know Your Customer” (KYC) exercise to maintain the safety of their marketplace. During this process, new players are required to provide a government-issued ID to verify their identity.

Some online casinos have a habit of blocking accounts that do not complete this verification process, as they can be deemed fraudulent.

3. Underage Registration/Gambling

One of the strictest policies among licensed casinos is the “legal age” policy. This stipulates that anyone opening an online casino account must be of legal age, usually 18 years and above.

Consequently, minors are prohibited from participating in any form of gambling. Regulatory bodies will strip off the licenses of any casino that permits minors to register. Hence, any account on that platform will become void.

In other cases, minors who upload their government-issued IDs that reveal their underage status during account opening will also be restricted.

Some online casinos may allow you to register with your social networking platforms, which could also reveal a user’s true age.

4. Duplicate Accounts

The “one account per person” rule is very common among online casinos. This means an individual is not allowed to duplicate accounts, putting them at risk of being banned.

If the betting platform tracks down such accounts via their IP address, the user’s bankroll may be locked, even if they use different log-in names.

The sad part is that getting restricted for duplicate accounts isn’t exclusively due to fraudulent intent; the user could have forgotten their log-in details and decided to create another one.

5. Bonus Harvesting

Online casino operators provide welcome bonuses to new players to lure them into signing up. Unfortunately, some players take undue advantage of these welcome bonuses by creating more than one account. Don’tDon’t forget that opening multiple accounts with the same casino is already illegal.

As a result, players who open more than one account for the sake of bonus harvesting or otherwise run the risks of having their account suspended permanently.

6. Suspicious Activity

Advanced casinos employ Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to monitor their players’ activity and detect any suspicious patterns.

Some common eyebrow-raisers practices online casino players engage in are fixing betting amounts on specific poker hands and staking maximum bets on slot machines at specific times.

The AI of online casinos can restrict cheaters from taking undue advantage by locking their accounts if it detects such suspicious patterns.

7. Unusual Banking Transactions

Since money laundering is a major concern for casino regulatory bodies, they take extra steps to ensure that online casinos do not allow crooks to stake with illegally gotten money.

Some government laws demand that online casinos report accounts of players they suspect of money laundering.

For instance, the USA has anti-money laundering laws that demand casinos report transactions worth over $5,000.

Your account could also get suspended or banned outright if it is discovered that you are using prohibited payment methods like prepaid debit cards.

Final Words

There you have it—the seven reasons for online casino restrictions. Be sure to follow best practices while registering and playing to avoid getting restricted or banned.

We hope this information will guide you to gamble responsibly and stay out of trouble on online casinos.

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