7 Tips to Take Care of Your So-Much Treasured Watch

We invest many moments of our life in choosing those watches that will accompany us in our parties and events, in special moments of our life such as baptisms or weddings or simply gifts for our loved ones.

Sometimes this effort is lost because we do not use simple daily tricks that can help us keep our watch properly, protect it from scratches, bumps or scratches and help with a few simple steps to last much longer. In this article, I have highlighted seven important tips to help you take proper care of your watches and make them serve you much longer.

Here Are The 4 Points to Keep in Mind

#1: Cleaning

Clean your watch often to remove small impurities such as dust that may be present on the glass, and many others like that with a soft and dry cloth. On the other hand, for the belts, the cloth must be slightly impregnated with soap and water without extra products. You have to be aware that if it is leather, you will have to take special care for this type of material, and it will always last much less than other types of materials, so you will have to change it in your watch more often.

Remember not to use chemical products for cleaning or wearing them when you perform cleaning tasks as well as prevent items such as makeup or cologne from being transferred to the watch.

#2: Magnetism

Just as a credit card can be damaged by being in contact with magnetic elements, a watch can also be affected if it is close to devices that generate this type of energy, especially mechanical clocks with classic winding mechanisms. Brands like the omega seamaster work so that watches can withstand many problems including magnetism and water issues. They are specifically designed for it.

#3: Maintenance

The usual maintenance is the best weapon we have to fight against the passage of time and be able to use our favorite watch for much longer. If we have a mechanical watch, it is usually advisable to wind it up every now and then so that the gears are in perfect working order. You need to practice this as a maintenance regimen to keep your watch working for a long time.

#4: Other accessories

Another way to take care of them is to avoid wearing our precious on the same wrist like other accessories such as metal bracelets, which can scratch the glass and deteriorate our belt. This leaves us having to go to watchmaking for changes and assuming a waste of money and time that we can be avoided easily.

#5: Be careful when adjusting the date

Do not adjust the date of your mechanical watch between 9 pm and 3 am, as it can interfere with the mechanical date change and damage the watch.

#6: Service regularly

Regardless of the length of your warranty, it is recommended that you service your watch every two or three years. This will allow you to be aware of any issues before they turn to a problem. Give your watch specialist or watchmaker a call and schedule a servicing session with him. You will be doing your watch a lot of good when you service regularly.

#7: Be careful with the crystals

This seems to be obvious though, but mentioning it will still do you a lot of good. Make sure you take every caution not to bang the crystal of your watch against the wall or some other tiny objects that may cause scratches.

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