Add Some Magical Features to Your WhatsApp with GB WhatsApp

GBWhatsApp has gained a lot of attraction in the social community and it deserves it because creating a normally working mod of such a popular site isn’t easy to create.

Because of the innumerable features and privacy options that add functionality to the plain yet 100% user-friendly app. It is obvious that after around a billion users worldwide WhatsApp is least likely to make any changes in the design of WhatsApp, and this is what the mod provides.

People have been using this purely for social reasons. This includes being able to save media and even stories directly into the device, having privacy options that drive people towards using this, and the most favorite one being no compromise on the quality of shared media.

Even after all of this one thing that makes people suspicious about the mod is security. This is an arguable question because cybersecurity has had issues even with the biggest of social media companies and this is just a mod after all which requires allowance of unknown sources.

That being said, the question is if GbWhatsApp is a secured platform?

Well, the answer is yes for most certainty. Through various sources, we come to know that there are few million people around the world who have been using this mod for a significant amount of time.

GB WhatsApp

It has had almost zero security issues just like WhatsApp except for crashing on low RAM devices. Apart from this because of the features the mod has had great reviews and has created an addiction among the users. More often than not cybersecurity is subjective meaning that there are more than one or few ways to look at it.

The most trusted sources have used this on multiple devices and saw nothing suspicious not to use the app. It is having less than 1/15 the official app users, but it can be claimed that it is because of the unawareness of mods.

We will now be talking about the top 5 features of the application as follows –

  1. The first feature that we are going to talk about is that users can send messages to another contact even without any internet connection.
  2. The second feature is that a user can secure a chat with a specific contact where he/she is sharing personal/sensitive messages by using a ‘Lock In and out’ function on the application.
  3. The third feature is that a user can disable the story and status feed. It means that he/she can choose the number and the name of contacts who he/she wants to hide or make his/her status and stories live.
  4. The fourth feature is what makes Gb Whatsapp exciting and is also a significant reason behind attracting a lot of youth on their platform. This feature allows you to change the theme of your chat, personalize a theme for a particular chat, change background images, and also customize a theme.
  5. Fifth and the last feature is that install the application and make two accounts on the same device with different numbers. Another interesting fact about the feature is that you can use both the accounts at once and still enjoy a smooth experience.

That’s it from the list of top features on Gb Whatsapp. We want to thank different publications and users who left a review for us to consider and use the points in the write-up.

We are hoping that WhatsApp official make same options of customizability not to let its active users divert but then it is all on the audience that makes the most out of these social media experiences.

The post is not sponsored by any of the brands such as Whatsapp, GbWhatsapp mentioned above.

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