An Argentinian Former Player and Manager whose Nickname is Mustard

Reinaldo Merlo, commonly known as “Mostaza” or “Mustard”, is a retired Argentine football player and coach. You can decide to visit the website 1xBet – best online bets are available on Argentinian football too.

He was born on November 20, 1950, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He played as a defensive midfielder between 1969 and 1984, spending his entire career in River Plate.

Merlo was known for plenty of skills, such as:

  • physical strength;
  • tireless running;
  • and an uncompromising approach on the field.

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river plate

A legend of River Plate

Merlo was the backbone of River Plate during his time as a professional player. He, alongside his teammates Daniel Passarella and Ubaldo Fillol were the cornerstone of the squad. Thanks to them, the squad secured fantastic achievements during the 1970s and 1980s. It is great to announce that live bets are on, and they can always be used to make profitable wagers on River too.

Another great aspect about Merlo’s career was that he played in the Superclásico against Boca Juniors a total of 42 times. This is an absolute record for players from both squads. Needless to say, with Mustard in the field, River was also able to win plenty of trophies. There are live bets on 1xBet, which also allow punters to wager on live matches of River and other Argentinian football teams.

A coach of dozens of different teams

Once Merlo retired as a footballer, he almost immediately began to work as a manager. The irony is that, while Mustard had only one team as a player, he coached more than 20 different squads as a manager. Visit now the website, and try its excellent games while waiting for the teams coached by the Argentinian.

Merlo was the manager of teams in his native Argentina and also in other places in South America, including Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and Ecuador. He also had two spells as manager of River Plate. However, they were not as successful as his period as a player of this squad. If you want to wager on other fantastic football coaches, sign up to the 1xBet website and try your luck today.

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