ARTENT: Next Gen Social Media for Creative People

Social media is one of the main platforms that governs internet users’ trend. For a very long time Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. has to prioritize written text first. Then, Instagram, Snapchat pushed internet trend more towards multimedia content such as photos and videos then, with the introduction of Vine and after that, apps like TikTok, LIKEE which have become mainstream, internet users have totally prioritized multimedia and brought short-form videos in the culture.

Instagram Reels, and YouTube shorts blew this trend out of proportion and now, internet users have become so habitual to this type of content and other multimedia content, whether they are browsing social media for entertainment or whether they are trying to gain information that the written, text descriptions have become a thing of the past.



And, if you are a creative person or artist who enjoys creating stuff or watching others (instead of reading) doing creative things, this is a golden age for you. Visual content has become mainstream. However, with all these platforms and this new type of content, this is a very serious problem. These social media platforms lack structure, and direction they don’t give enough credit/exposure or incentive to creative people.

Hence, creative people & artists use these platform to gain followers and exposure so that they can redirect their audience to the platform (website, portfolio, shop) where they can finally make something out of their popularity. And we know the ROI of it, usually, the conversion rate to send followers to a much meaningful platform for creators hovers around 2% because people just don’t want to leave their current platform and go out of the way to support you.

And that’s where the problem lies. The current social media platforms are not suitable for creators to get a deserving conversion. Their fans don’t wanna leave the platform  (even for a minute) and creators can’t make money, convert visitors, get offers on the platform. So, ARTENT is the social media platform we need to address the issues of current social media that creators have and also make the experience for followers much more streamlined and directional with happiness & satisfaction increased for both parties.

Why ARTENT is Next Generation Social Media?

Always, social media has prioritized what viewers want and not what creators need while creators are the ones which are making platforms like Facebook or Instagram attractive. I am not saying social media should only be about creators but they should be given reasonable priority. The developers at ARTENT realized and decided to develop a social media that allows creators to not only get exposure but also to get incentives of their work in form of money, gigs, and clients.

ARTENT, the next general social media is launched to address all the needs of creators, artists as well as brands while making the browsing experience more exciting for visitors and talent hunters. In layman’s terms, ARTENT is the combination of the best features of LinkedIn, Fiverr, and TikTok which lets creators –

  • Showcase their portfolio in the most visually appealing and organized manner.
  • Allow them to generate revenue out of the content they created on the platform, get orders, clients & collaborations.
  • Facilitates them to showcase their talent and creative project in the most popular short-form video format.

If you are a Freelancer

You can always explain in words what are your skills and what type of projects you can do but, wouldn’t it be better if you can just show it using short-form or long-form video? Internet is more interested in seeing what you know and also, showcasing what you know and do is quicker for you as well as it provides much context to brands and agencies.

ARTENT brought the culture of showcasing your talent in a visual presentation style which is for the better as in a shorter time you can represent yourself, and your work as well as build trust on why a client should hire you while subtly telling about your values & expectations.

If you are a Creative Professional

For a creative professional, they are in a greater need than ever to showcase their talent & potential in the clearest way possible. Other platforms limit you in arranging your videos but ARTENT lets you display your portfolio in such a way that it will be easier to navigate through your skills, work, client reviews, and experiences.

It makes it easy to find new clients, connect with right people either for collaboration or for business gigs, and build trust because anyone can write the exact same sentence but no one can be you in a video.

If you are an Artist

Honestly, what an artist always wanted but had to adjust due to culture and priorities of social media platforms is finally available to them via ARTENT. You’ll be able to earn money from the art, music, and the content you post, you’ll be able to get more exposure and the best thing is you will get followers who are more targeted, loyal, and supportive.

Want to reach & hire Talent easily?

ARTENT makes hiring talent as easy as it is to select or verify employees on LinkedIn. ARTENT showcases an artist’s work in such a way that you won’t have to put too much time into researching your social media to find the right influencer which will be best for your campaign. As it allows artists to properly arrange their skills in an organized portfolio style, browsing them is going to be very easy, quick, and smooth to screen the artist and check whether he/she is good for your brand or band (that is, if you’re looking to hire a guitarist for your band).

How ARTENT Benefits Viewers?

The first thing we have to consider is that, if creators are happy, viewers are going to be happy because in current social media trends, even when creators are not happy about their exposure or conversion rate, they are doing so much to make their fans happy, so when they receive deserving exposure, incentive & popularity via ARTENT, they’re obviously going to make sure they can make the best content for you.

Due to this, all artists and hence, this next generation social media is going to be more interesting as a whole. I know it sounds exciting. So, if you are interested, visit and check out what ARTENT itself shows you and join their waitlist to bring this next-generation social media to life.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.