Best PDF Reader in 2022 – Online and Offline Solution

Do you want to read your PDF files in a comfortable environment? To read E-books, novels, articles, and other documents in a PDF format, you would need a reliable free PDF reader. By using a professional PDF reader, you can select your preferred reading modes easily. Moreover, you can increase your focus while reading PDF files efficiently.

To help you in finding the best PDF readers, this article will highlight two free PDF readers. By using any of the suggested tools, you can enhance your reading experience effectively.

Part 1: Overview of Wondershare PDF Reader – A Free PDF Reader

Wondershare PDF Reader is a professional tool through which you can enjoy reading your PDF files. In its friendly user interface, you can instantly open your PDF files without any file size restrictions. It also offers multiple options to open your PDF file in your desired manner. For example, it provides different view options, such as reading your PDF file in full-screen or reading two pages side by side.

Furthermore, you can also change the background of your PDF files to comfort your eyes. You can add bookmarks to navigate to the important section of your file instantly. It also allows you to search for specific words and comments by utilizing its Search feature. Apart from reading, you can also add attachments to your PDF files for the addition of extra content easily. Thus, you can use Wondershare PDF Reader as a great PDF editor app to manage and read PDF files.

Part 2: Review of Wondershare PDF Reader Free Features

Wondershare PDF Reader is not an ordinary tool as it comprises various advanced features. To learn more about this tool, read this part of the article carefully:

1. Add Annotations

Using this tool, you can add annotations to your PDF files proficiently. To remember the necessary information in your PDF file, you can use the highlighter provided by this tool. You can also underline and strike out the text instantly to highlight the essential information. To add visual illustration, you can add shapes such as arrows, circles, rectangles, etc.

Moreover, you can add text boxes by selecting the desired font to write additional information. To add more distinctiveness to your PDF files, you can add stamps using this tool. You can also add a customized stamp by creating it efficiently through this platform.

2. Explore 3D View Reading Experience

Do you want to read your PDF files like a book? Wondershare PDF Reader offers an option through which you can read your PDF files in a 3D mode. By doing so, you can easily read and view your PDF files without hassle. Moreover, you can also read PDF pages side by side with the option of scrolling. Thus, you can effectively enhance your reading experience by utilizing such advanced options.

3. Various Reading Modes

Wondershare PDF Reader facilitates you in every manner. It offers different reading modes for your comfort. For instance, you can enable night mode, eye protection mode, and day mode to comfort your eyes easily. You can also fit your PDF file according to your window’s height, width, or actual page size.

4. Print and Sign PDFs

Do you want to print your PDF files instantly? By using this free PDF reader, you can add signatures to your PDF files with a few clicks. You can either type or draw your signature on this tool according to your desire. Moreover, you can also upload the signature on this tool directly with a single tap.

You can also directly print your PDF file after reading it on this tool. For your convenience, you can select printing pages, content, and printing properties. By adjusting all the settings comfortably, you can print your document without restrictions.

Part 3: Introduction of HiPDF – A Reliable and Features Enriched Online Tool

If you don’t want to use a desktop tool, you can try HiPDF. It’s an online application you can easily access through any web browser. Using this online platform, you can easily edit, manage, and read your PDF files. Although it’s an online tool, however, it ensures complete privacy and security of your uploaded data. Due to its high reliability, millions of users trust this platform to perform various operations on their PDF files.

HiPDF contains every basic and advanced editing option to modify your PDF files. You can sign PDF online through this tool effortlessly. To learn more about this online PDF editor app, continue reading this article.

Part 4: Comprehensive of the Review of PDF Tools in HiPDF

There are tons of features and options in HiPDF that you can utilize easily. In this section, we will shed light on the unique features offered in HiPDF that can help you in managing your PDF files comfortably.

1. Convert from PDF

Do you want to convert your PDF file to another file format because of your project or platform requirement? You may need to convert your PDF file to other formats such as Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, etc. Fortunately, this tool supports up to 15 file formats for the conversion of PDF files to another format. With the help of this tool, you can execute flawless conversion without altering the original format of your PDF file.

2. Convert to PDF

People may receive their essential documents in another file format such as Word, PPT, JPG, etc. To convert these formats effortlessly to PDF to preserve the formatting of the document, HiPDF can assist you. It supports 12 file formats from which you can execute the conversion to PDF.

3. Compress PDF

Do large file sizes of your PDF documents bother you? HiPDF provides a PDF compressor through which you can efficiently reduce the file size of your PDF documents. It offers three filters that are High, Medium, and Low. You can select any of the compression filters and decrease the file size accordingly.

4. Merge PDF

Do you want to manage your multiple PDF files in a well-structured manner? HiPDF contains a merging feature through which you can combine various PDF files and create a single PDF file out of them. Without signing up or entering your email address, you can merge your PDF files without complications.

5. Sign PDFs

Adding signatures to a PDF file is one of the most common requirements. With the help of HiPDF, you can create electronic signatures for your PDF file to protect them efficiently. Once you have uploaded your PDF file, you can draw, type, or upload your signature to your PDF file with a few clicks. It’s a great way to protect and personalize your PDF files.

6. Organize PDF

HiPDF also provides an organizing feature to manage your PDF files professionally. Using this advanced feature, you can delete and split PDF pages with a few clicks. You can also rearrange PDF pages in your file in the desired manner through this online platform. It also allows you to import a PDF file from your cloud storage without damaging the quality of the document.

7. Crop PDF

Do you want to crop a specific part of your PDF file? The crop feature of HiPDF can eliminate unwanted areas of your PDF file. You can select a specific area and adjust the margins in this feature to eradicate unnecessary parts of your PDF file. Thus, you can crop your PDF file from this online tool flawlessly.

Part 5: Verdict

PDF format is one of the most commonly shared and used file formats. To read your PDF file in a well-protected environment, you would need professional PDF readers and editors. In this article, we have addressed Wondershare PDF Reader, through which you can view and read your PDF files comfortably. It’s an offline tool that can be accessed without the availability of an internet connection.

If you don’t want to install an offline PDF editor app on your desktop, we have also recommended HiPDF. It’s a web-based tool that you can easily reach through your web browser. With a good internet speed, you can execute effortless editing on your PDF files using HiPDF.

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