Backup Your Hard Drive Hassle-Free with AweClone

For all regular computer users, backing up hard-drive has always been a dangerous stunt. There are many horror stories about people attempting to perform backup and end up losing their precious data but there are also scary stories about corrupting hard drives or software acting abnormally, hence breaking havoc on the system.

So, taking regular backup of your system is a MUST, all you need to learn is how to do it safely so that it will be a hassle-free experience rather than a nightmare. And, that’s what AweClone ensures when you use this intelligent software to create backup or clone of your Windows or Mac hard drives.

AweClone Disk Cloning Software

What is AweClone?

AweClone is professional hard disk cloning software available for both Windows and Mac platform which allows you to safely clone and backup full hard drive or its selected partitions. The software has been around for years and has helped thousands of customers to back up their hard drive without doing anything technical.

Using AweClone is too easy and we will see how in the next sections but before moving ahead, let’s see it’s top features as to what makes AweClone better than any other backup software available in the market right now.

Top Features of AweClone

AweClone uses proprietary sector-to-sector cloning technology which is fast, efficient and totally error-free. It provides the flexibility to clone/backup your hard drive to any other computer, hard drive or external hard disk seamlessly. Moreover, it comes with these features which you will find very helpful –

Powerful Disk Cloning

AweClone uses very powerful disk cloning technology that doesn’t only copy everything fast but also backup data from bad sectors. So, even if your hard drive is not in the best shape, you can trust this software to recover the most out of it.

HDD to SSD Cloning

Whether you own an HDD or SSD and whether you want to copy from HDD or from SSD, AweClone got you covered. Unlike other backup software which generally break down here due to changed formats, AweClone has overcome this hurdles and hence unlocked your capability to transfer to or forth HDD & SSD as well as external drives without losing a bit of data.

Clone System Hard Drive

Has your hard drive or whole system crashed? Still, no need to worry, the error checking and data recovery mechanism is with you to still take data backup to the hard drive of any other computer or external hard disk.

Two Cloning Mode

If you don’t have time or space to clone the whole hard disk, you can simply pick the partition which contains your important files and create its backup using AweClone. On the other hand, if you don’t want to lose any data, you can start full hard drive backup or clone with the click of one button.

How AweClone Works?

AweClone is a complete DIY tool, not only for techie PC users but also for occasional computer users. Assuming you have already installed this software to your PC, now any task, whether cloning or backup, is just 3 steps away.

STEP 1 – Select the Source

Open the software and it will show you all available and connected drives. You can select the partition which you want to backup.

Select Source

STEP 2 – Select the Destination

Now, in the next step, select where you want to create the backup. It can be to an external hard drive or any different partition. Select it from the options showing to you in available drives section.

Select Destination Location

STEP 3 – Start Cloning the Data

Finally, when you click the “Next” button in Step 2, cloning will automatically start.


You don’t need to do anything, just sit back and relax, when the cloning process is over, the popup will info you about it.

clone completed

Wrapping it up

AweClone is very straight-forward and secure software for anyone who is looking to create a backup or clone their hard drive. I recommend everyone to have this backup software because you never know when the situation arrives.

So, having AweClone installed in your computer will keep you prepared for anything bad that could happen to your data. And, with the Free trial that AweClone is providing, there is nothing to lose. Try it and test against your requirements. I am sure, this cloning software will take care or all your cloning & data backup need.

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