Benefits of Digital Signage Perth

Deciding digital signage in Perth like your competitors? There are several factors involved in making a decision to own Digital Signage. It’s an investment that requires a lot of time, effort, and money. So is digital signage worth the investment it requires? We have enlisted a few possible benefits to avail yourself after having your digital screen in Perth.

1. Increased Exposure:

When you place digital signs or advertising screens in Perth’s high traffic areas, you get a virtually unlimited audience to view your screen. In this way, you can display more messages at specific places and specific times to enhance the message saturation. This is the easiest way of telling people about the product or service you are offering in Perth.

2. Increased engagement, recall, and retention rates:

Due to its visual appeal, digital signage has a proven increased engagement rate. A majority of people claim that digital signage effectively captures their attention and increase their curiosity. People retain visually presented information in their memory for a more extended period as opposed to written or spoken instructions. Our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

3. Improved Customer Experience:

Information presented on digital screens saves time for both customers and employees. Digital screens can become useful revenue generators when they are used to encourage point of sales purchases. In this way, retail shops can successfully increase their sales through unplanned purchases made by customers as impulse buying. This ratio is exceptionally high when digital menu boards are used in food establishments.

4. Increased Employee Motivation and Retention:

Motivated and engaged employees are more productive and fall sick significantly less than those who are not. Digital signs designed to appreciate and recognize employees for their individual and team achievements are more desirable to employees than cash awards. This results in 65% less employee turnover.

5. Better digital connectivity:

Digital screens can show external feeds such as weather, social media, news, RSS feeds, and webpages to attract more audience. The best part is that they do not require manual updating. In this way, your potential customers start recognizing your company as a brand, and it is easier for them to select your product or services when they require one.

6. Cohesive branding:

Studies reveal that Digital Signage is one of the most effective marketing techniques, which increases brand awareness by more than 47%. You can maintain a cohesive brand by complementing your advertising screens’ design with the theme of your website and social media pages.

7. Lower Creative costs:

You can quickly put videos, PowerPoint slides, and other content media files to create Digital screens and digital. This means that anyone can produce eye-catching messages. Therefore there is no need to hire separate designers on high salaries.

8. More accurate targeting:

When working with a centralized Digital Signing system, you can distribute the content conveniently to all the system screens. And the best thing is that you can manage them all from a single desktop. Taking the help of dedicated playlists allows the audience to show relevant content on the screen’s other side. You can also schedule your content for weekly and daily display patterns.

9. Interactivity:

Interactive digital signage includes self-service kiosks. They allow people to navigate and extract their required information by themselves. You can add either touch or voice user interface. These digital screens have an excellent appeal for users because they feel like using their mobile devices.

10. Lower operational costs:

Replacing your print advertising budget with the expense of digital signs not only saves money but also reduces the wastage of paper, ink and the burden of recycling. It also reduces the company’s expense in hiring staff for printing material and managing its process.

11. More versatility and scalability:

Digital Signage is the most versatile medium for communicating a significant number of content types and lets you manage them via a centralized system. You can quickly and frequently change messages to make the screens appear updated and accurate. To expand your network, you will just require some more media players, and that it. The same software will centrally manage all of them.

12. Increased Safety:

With digital signage displaying workplace safety reminders, organizations reported a 48% decrease in safety incidents and a 20% decrease in workplace injuries. When digital signage displays an emergency alert system, it can effectively show alerts and safety instructions on screens.

Final Verdict:

Digital Signage is the most effective way of communication – be it a global network or a single screen. Your targeted audience will see the information dynamically and in real-time. Digital signs are effectively used in schools, companies, hotels, retail shops, restaurants, and government offices to engage viewers for extended-lasting benefits. It is by far one of the most effective marketing strategies, and it boosts your sales when you add relevant CTAs to your digital signage.

Jay Vats is an Engineering major who loves to talk about Future Technology, Sustainable Energy, and Environment. When not working, you can find Jay reading books about Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.