Best AI projects in the crypto

Today, almost everyone knows the meaning of AI and understands its impact on our lives. Nonetheless, we can expect powerful updates in the approaches to analyzing crypto. This is often about learning the price action and fundamental data of the crypto, for having an in-depth point of view in making effective trades. In addition, such technology increases security, by automating transactions, and helps in detecting fraudsters.

Numerai’s first AI crypto project appeared in 2015, and it was a hedge fund token (NMR) from San Francisco. Numerai uses AI for analysis and trading and offers its income stream in the form of NMR staking. It is crucial to navigating what is going on in the middle of the project, and most insiders can be heard at direct AMA sessions between the founders and the community.

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Numerai has set the trend, while projects related to AI began to appear on the cryptocurrency market, while the range of artificial case uses is constantly increasing. Use cases of AI in crypto are increasing, now the technology is widely used to upgrade service capabilities.

Top cryptos in the AI sector

Having dealt with the brief history and features of the use of AI in cryptocurrency, I suggest immediately moving on to the top crypto projects built using this technology. In our top are Botchain, DeepBrain Chain, and AICoin. Projects differ by how AI is used and offer various opportunities in this narrow segment.


AICoin is an investment platform that uses deep learning to find and predict trends in the crypto market. It was created to facilitate the trader’s decision-making by providing real-time information on the crypto market and analysis. AICoin has good potential to become a popular trading platform thanks to the use of blockchain validating systems and AI, increasing security, speed, and transparency and gaining momentum, making market analysis and research much easier.


Botchain is a platform that uses AI to ensure transparent communication between bots. It validates the identity of an autonomous or AI system and audits its traces. Such automation and validation are foolproof thanks to the use of blockchain and artificial intelligence. The platform has its own BOT token, which is created on the basis of the Ethereum network and is used for the verification and auditing of bots and other AI systems.

DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain is a computing power platform for AI systems built on the NEO blockchain. It was created to reduce training costs and improve artificial intelligence thanks to its decentralized structure. Developers can use the DBC token to pay for the services of more than 50 cloud platforms and mining pools for training artificial intelligence.

Other AI projects in crypto worth mentioning

I have described the top 3 AI crypto projects in our opinion, and there are actually quite a few of them and they continue to appear, offering more and more new services. I would also like to mention some projects that have attracted attention.

SingularityNET is an AI platform that helps create and monetize artificial intelligence services. That is, there are already services that help create AI and train it using cloud platforms. is a service that helps create smart contracts using machine learning algorithms. This level of automation can greatly improve efficiency in many industries.

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