Best Charting Platforms to Monitor Bitcoins

If you are into Bitcoin trading and exchange, chances are that you’re looking for a proper charting platform. If you’re new to this avenue of cryptocurrency trading, you will probably be spoilt for choices. Therefore, it is imperative that you are aware of the best charting platforms such as Bitcoin Champion system that provides all the features necessary for Bitcoin trading. The following 4 platforms are considered to be the best and discussed in detail below.

Bitcoins Graph


A multi-exchange trading platform for cryptocurrency, Altrady has a simple interface that users can access easily. The platform comprises interactive charting tools, an automatic portfolio, and a trading terminal. It was developed in 2019 and is one of the leading charting platforms for Bitcoin trading.

The following year, Altrady upgraded itself with a new and improved version, Altrady 3.0. This platform includes a multi-charting page, automated trading, and trade analysis. Altrady is characterized by 2 unique components – Base Scanner and Quick Scanner. Both tools enable innovative trading of Bitcoin using algorithms that scan crypto markets and detect price movements. Whenever there is a profitable opportunity for trading, Altrady notifies the trader. In addition to that, Altrady provides real-time alerts for Bitcoin based on the changes in price and market movements.

The interactive charting tool of Altrady allows traders to understand Bitcoin markets better. Traders create customized chart layouts by adding any number of markets to their Charts page. This will also allow them easy access to these markets simply by switching market tabs.


Another trading software for Bitcoin that also manages the portfolio is CryptoView. This platform is composed of very useful features ranging from a customized interface for multi-charting to portfolio analysis. In addition to that, there is a crypto events calendar, news aggregator from multiple sources, and useful tools for cryptocurrency trade.

Apart from that, users of CryptoView are allowed to swap between 27 different layouts and monitor around 9 charts per screen. The customized chart layout includes side widgets, folding trading panels, and personal features that make it the best option for technical analysts, traders, and fund managers.

Along with multi-charting, CryptoView includes a multi-screen feature that creates close to 5 screen templates. These templates allow users to save the various screen configurations and also switch between them. Suppose the user is working on more than one monitor. In that case, you can use the configurations to set the layout of the monitor with a single click. In other words, CryptoView is an all-in-one solution for managing novice and professional traders.


As far as popularity is concerned, there is no beating TradingView. This charting platform provides cryptocurrency pairs and technical indicators. It is also one of the oldest platforms and came into existence back in 2012. For the last 9 years, the platform has attracted a huge number of active traders for Bitcoin trading.

Another feature that makes TradingView so special is that it enables traders to analyze ideas for trading. These ideas are related to companies that have some exposure to cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and include the likes of Nvidia and AMD. The social aspect of TradingView is its standout feature and it helps traders in creating their own indicators with the help of Pine Editor. TradingView’s social aspect is second to none. A few more features of this platform can be listed as follows:

  • Traders create their own profile just like the ones on Twitter or Instagram,
  • They can interact with other traders in chat rooms and discuss cryptocurrency, commodities, and forex to name a few
  • Traders follow each other by liking, commenting on, and sharing the ideas of each other.
  • They build their reputation by updating good ideas to gain more followers.

In other words, TradingView is nothing short of a lively venue for Bitcoin traders around the world. They get to chart their ideas and post them so that others can view them. It also gives them the much-required exposure. Additionally, TradingView is an amazing place to learn as traders get to interact so many of their peers.


Coinigy attempts to cover every aspect of the cryptocurrency market by supporting more exchanges and pairs when compared to other platforms. It was founded in 2014 and allows you to trade directly only if you have an account. Interestingly, Coinigy allows you to place stop loss and take profit orders that are not present in many exchanges.

Coinigy released an upgraded version in 2019 comprising ‘Boards’. This new feature enables traders for creating customized views of markets. Some other features that need to be mentioned include portfolio tracker and arbitrage scanner. The latter is especially helpful as it allows trading on several exchanges. It alerts the trader regarding the difference between the Bitcoin price pertaining to different exchanges. The only thing is that Coinigy has no membership for free except for the trial versions for the users.

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