Best Chrome Extensions to Boost Privacy and Safety

Online security is one of the most important things in today’s world because cybercrime is increasing day by day. All of us know that Windows is the most popular operating system and Google Chrome is the most popular browser in today’s world. As Google Chrome is vastly popular there is always a high risk that any attacker or hacker may steal your private information or data.

But there is no need to worry because there are several extensions for Google Chrome that assist to save your crucial information and enhance your overall privacy. In this article, I will discuss some of the best Chrome Extensions that help to increase your safety and security.

Chrome Extensions Privacy

  1. uBlock OriginuBlock  Origin block intrusive third party tracking scripts because tracking scripts use the data to streamline the ads you see . This extension has not only an in-built third party tracking list that can be toggled ON and OFF but also easily whitelist other sites and services on the web. uBlock Origin can block known malicious domains as well as domains known to display malicious advertising.
  2. GhosteryThe main function of Ghostery extension is to block ads and various trackers that collect information on you as you browse the internet. There are four levels of blocking and we can choose any one of these levels depending on strictness. Ghostery has an “enhanced anti tracking” feature which detects trackers that cannot be blocked and steals out personal information. Ghostery has the “smart blocking” setting option to optimize the browsing experience by only allowing specific trackers that are safe and necessary to work.
  3. AdBlock PlusAdvertisements that pop up unexpectedly in your browser are frustrating and keep us busy. As the name suggests, AdBlock Plus stops ads that confuse web browsing, containing popups, audio-video ads and flashing banner ads. This extension only allows deemed less interfering but inevitable ads for websites to continue free content. There is also an option to stop all ads at all.
  4. HTTPS EverywhereAs the name suggests HTTPS EVERYWHERE extension make sure that you never connect to sites that do not use HTTPS encryption instead of HTTP. It forces the user to visit only those websites that use HTTPS and block access to sites that use HTTP instead of HTTPS. This extension protects personal data information and log in information during website visiting. This extension may cause some websites to “break” when used and in this case there is no option to whitelist these websites.
  5. Avast Online SecurityThis extension helps us to avoid visits to websites that download malware to our device or send trusted sites to fool you into sharing critical personal details. Avast Online Security blocks attacking cookies and other web trackers and saves your data from online advertisers. This extension protects only browser-related dangers.
  6. Pixel BlockWeb tracking is not limited to cookies only and our email activity can also be tracked regularly. Pixel Block is an email tracker blocker that prevents anyone from monitoring your emails when you open and read emails in Gmail. If anyone tries to track your pattern or nature Pixel Block adds a little red eye next to that mail. It is very easy to use but limited to blocking email tracking in Gmail only.
  7. Privacy BadgerElectronic Frontier Foundation develops this extension as a script and tracker blocking extension. It blocks advertisements from displaying. This extension automatically discovers trackers based on their behavior despite making lists of what to stop/block. Privacy Badger sends the Global Privacy Control signal to select you out of data sharing and selling and the Do Not Track signal to tell companies not to track you. If trackers reject your wishes, Privacy Badger will learn to block them.
  8. LastPassThis extension is a dedicated password manager which enhances our browsing observation as well as our online safety and privacy. LastPass operates entirely within the browser and keeps track of our user accounts and associated passwords. This extension allows storage of auto fill content such as bank accounts, payment cards and addresses.
  9. DisconnectThere are many Google Chrome extensions for websites, advertisers, other third party companies that track our online activity, but to find out who is tracking us and from which place is a challenge. Disconnect solves this problem and displays the names of specific web trackers for each website you visit and allows us to block them from snooping on us.


Surfing on the internet has become a nightmare these days because there are various threats from malware to ransomware. Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser but it is not the world’s most private browser but Google chrome extensions helps to sort out this problem and increase privacy.

Extensions shield online activities of users from prying eyes and extensions not only keep safe from snooping but also improve browsing experience by removing unwanted advertisements. Extensions assist to handle different user accounts and passwords. We must use at least any one extension of the above list. We can use the above extensions not only on Google Chrome but also on any browser that is based on the Chromium platform.

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