How to Make Your Website Stand Out

Creating your website is the first step in establishing a digital presence for your business. Now it’s time to make that presence count. There are millions of websites online, and yours needs to stand out if you want potential customers to notice it and take note.

To create a website that stands out from the crowd, your site needs to be different, memorable and engaging. Here are a few ways to make your website stand out.

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Make it Personal

Make your website personal by including a picture of yourself or your company. People will feel more connected to you when they see a face behind the business. This is also important because it helps create trust and credibility with your audience.

Use Coding to Stand Out

If you want to really make your website stand out, consider using some HTML and CSS to add some personalization. This can be as simple as adding your company logo to the header of each page or changing the color of links throughout the site. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even create a custom landing page that looks different from the rest of your site. Just make sure whatever you do doesn’t make the site difficult to navigate.

Code can also be used to add special effects to images or videos on your site. This is a great way to make your website more interactive and engaging.

Make it Interactive

Make your website interactive by adding features that encourage visitors to interact with the site. This could be anything from a simple poll or survey to a more complex game or quiz. The important thing is to make sure the interactivity is relevant to your business and helps you achieve your goals.

For example, if you’re a retailer, you might use a quiz to help visitors find the right product for their needs. If you’re a restaurant, you might use a poll to find out what dishes visitors like the most.

Whatever you do, make sure the interactivity is easy to use and provides value to the visitor.

Ensure Everything is Relevant

Remember, you’re not just selling products and services; you’re also selling yourself and your brand. Make sure every aspect of your website reflects this. This includes the content on the site, the images used in the design, and even how you name things on the site, such as pages or sections within pages. When editing images and creating banners, you can design them using a reputable banner maker such as Adobe.

If it doesn’t fit into one of these categories, find another name that better represents what’s on the site. Make sure everything you put on your website means who you are and what your business does best.

Be Consistent Across all Platforms

Just because one platform is a starting point for getting people interested in your business doesn’t mean other platforms shouldn’t be consistent.

For example, if you use Facebook to promote products and services in one area of your website, you should use the same name in both areas. It enables you to be consistent and makes it easy for people to find your products and services.

Make Sure Your Website is Searchable

Your website must be searchable so that when someone searches for a product or service, they can find it easily. To ensure this happens, you need to keep track of what pages on your site are indexed by search engines and update them as needed to find them quickly.

The easier it is for a person looking for something on your website to find what they want on the internet, the more likely they will buy from you.

Keep Up with Trends in Web Design

You need to keep up with all the latest trends in web design if you want people who visit your site to have an enjoyable experience and make a purchase or sign-up for something from you.

You can take advantage of some of these trends by ensuring your site looks great on mobile devices and computers. If you have an online store, make sure that all of the products you sell look great online no matter which device someone uses; a smartphone or personal computer.


In the internet-driven, competitive 21st century, your website needs to be more than a simple brochure to get your business noticed. In this hyper-connected world, it’s essential that your business stands out from the crowd and is easily accessible by search engines. The more people can find you online, the easier it will be for them to find what they’re looking for and buy from you.

Charu decided to unite her Honors Degree in New Media and lifetime of geekiness to pursue a career in tech and gaming journalism. You can usually find her writing about a variety of topics and drooling over new gadgets and games.