The Best D-ID Alternatives

You must have heard of D-ID, the AI-powered video generation tool that uses AI avatars and video scripts. Introduced by Creative Reality Studio back in 2017, this software was undoubtedly unique at that time, offering budget-friendly videos with just one-click.

However, with thousands of AI-driven tools nowadays, D-ID has fallen short. These alternatives offer better pricings, diverse features, and improvised user experience.

In this blog, we’ll be examining the top D-ID alternatives with their features and compatibility.

1. Virbo – The Best D-ID Alternative

Our top choice is Wondershare Virbo, a software whose credibility is assured by the trusted name of Wondershare. It is an all-in-one AI-driven video generation tool that creates videos with a wide range of engaging templates.

Whether you’re looking for text-to-video features or need innovative ideas with AI script, it can offer high-quality videos within seconds. Virbo even features an advanced AI avatar generator working on a machine learning model to come up with a unique human-like character as a subject on your videos.

Key Features

Wondershare Virbo provides you with some distinctive features that makes it stand out in comparison with other D-ID alternatives. These key features include:

  • Virbo uses a text-to-video AI-driven model to generate professional videos for businesses and content creators.
  • More than 300 avatars to maintain uniqueness and personalization
  • Adjust settings, languages, and accents to create unique and tailored video content with customization.
  • International AI avatar experience accompanied by a range of 300+ natural AI voices.
  • Enhance the creative process by offering royalty-free assets and over 180 customizable templates.


Wondershare Virbo is available on both desktop and mobile devices, giving you the flexibility of creating unique videos anywhere. Moreover, if you’ve left a video design on the mobile app, you can continue it on the website featuring cross-platform accessibility.

How to Use Wondershare Virbo

Wondershare Virbo makes it easy to quickly create AI avatars with different features. Here’s how you can make a new AI avatar on Virbo:

Step 1: Pick an Avatar

Go to Wondershare Virbo app and tap on the AI AVATAR section appearing on the homepage.

Pick the desired avatar from over 300 unique AI Avatar with different appearances that aligns with your needs.

There are multiple categories to choose from including Recommended, Male, Female, Marketing, News, Education, Lifestyle, Occupation sections, and more.

In addition, you can enable the Talking Photo feature and upload your own portrait image to work as an avatar for the video.

Pick Avatar

Step 2: Create Video 

After you’ve chosen your desired avatar, select the CREATE VIDEO option. It will prompt the choice for video orientation, so you can pick the portrait option for YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels and landscape orientation for standard videos.

Create Video

Step 3: Edit Video

Now you’ll be directed to the editing panel where you can add script, change background, include voiceovers, text and stickers. You can even import any media file or photo to add in your AI avatar video.

Edit Video

Step 4: Export and Download

After you have added relevant photos and finalized the script for your avatar, go to the EXPORT option and save it to your device.

Export Download Video

2. Other D-ID Alternative

While D-ID is known for its unique set of features, there are many other AI-featured tools that claim to offer better results.

Let’s explore these D-ID alternatives below:


Synthesia is known as the leading video generation tool that helps you make any type of video in more than 130 languages. It offers a simple interface with various unique templates and a free to use media library.

Moreover, it is the perfect tool for enterprises, especially for people who don’t know anything about video editing. Whether you want to use it for marketing purposes, YouTube channel, or academics, it is a reliable option as it is backed by AI researchers improving its features.


Key Features

  • Wide range of languages and accent
  • Realistic avatars with micro gesture technology
  • More than 60 unique templates
  • Customization option for learning and training
  • Professional video editing tool for creating high-quality videos


Another AI-powered video editing tool that can be considered as a D-ID alternative is It assists users to create top quality video, featuring voice recording, template customization and over 130 language voice overs.

The Elai website is simple to use with an intuitive interface so that you can design videos within a few clicks. But the time it takes to render a video is relatively longer which makes the user experience quite daunting.


Key Features

  • More than 25 close-to-reality avatar and feature to request personalized AI characters or mascot
  • 130+ languages for text-to-speech voiceover
  • Custom photo avatar
  • Wide set of free to use library of media and music assets


Colossyan is another famous AI powered video generation software, originated by the founding companies of AI and ML tools. It works on a simple machine learning algorithm to generate high quality videos without any external effort.

With it, you don’t need an actor or even a script to create a video. Select from the video range of AI avatars and then click on AI script features stating your requirement and you’ll get your desired video in no time.



  • Realistic range of AI avatars
  • Vast selection of languages
  • Automatic translation from text into speech
  • AI script features
  • Free to use media library


D-ID was one of the big hits of its time but with artificial intelligence evolving every day, it gets difficult to keep up with the latest tools. These alternatives offer better features and improved user interfaces.

Still confused? If you’re looking for a budget friendly option with a wide range of features then Wondershare Virbo is the way forward. This AI-driven tool features unique templates, 300+ avatars and voices with a variety of media and assets.

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