Best Jobs for Introverts in the United States

Getting a job for an introvert is not an easy task. It is because the Introvert is someone who is very shy and quiet by nature. This kind of person prefers to spend time alone, he does not want to be with other people.

There are four types of Introverts: -Social Introvert, Anxious Introvert, Thinking Introvert, Inhibited Introvert.

Following are the best career choices for introverts in the United States, based on the type traits in the introvert they can figure out the best job for them:-

working alone introvert jobs


Social Introverts want to avoid society, any social gathering. They always want to be a loner. But these people are very loyal. They make a smaller circle but their relationship is based on understanding, An introvert knows their boundaries and have meaningful relationships. This kind of introvert needs to focus more on the employer.

1. Database Administrator

Database administrators (DBAs) work includes planning capacity of data, DBMS installation, its configuration, design of a database, migration of data, monitoring performance of the database, how to secure data and organizing data in DBMS. He uses some specialized software for all this work. data. The role may include capacity planning, installation, configuration, database design, migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting, as well as backup and data recovery.

Average Salary- $37,414

2. Private Chef

Private Chef manages the kitchen of the restaurant. He is responsible for the quality of food, getting reviews about food orders, making budgets of the kitchen menu planning, directing kitchen personnel, and all food preparation.

Average Salary: $ 62,000

3. Editor

Editors are responsible for checking grammar, spellings, correcting mistakes before finalizing them for publication. He also reviews the stylistic errors. The written content must meet the style guides of the company brand. His average earnings vary from 45 thousand dollars to 46 thousand dollars.


Thinking introverts handle society well. They join social events. These kinds of introverts are thoughtful and introspective. For them self respect is important and they use their imagination very well for their work.

1.Computer Programmer

A computer programmer uses their programming skills to build software and testing built software. They can work for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of built software. The computer programmer can specialize in their work for building software, operating system, Database worker or app builder. By working it Introverts can earn 100,000 dollars annually.

2. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for creating custom visuals, inspiring communicating ideas, producing attraction or making information flow better to captivate the consumer. It can be done by hand or using computer software. Graphic designers produce the overall layout and production design for publications, sales, posters, etc. They can earn around 17 dollars for an hour.

3. IT Manager

IT Manager is responsible for the working and security of information about the organization. These people are responsible for the software and hardware parts of any technology budget. A person working as an IT Manager gives directions to junior IT staff. Their average earning is between 50 K to 55 K dollars.

4. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is responsible for monitoring, moderating social media sites. They respond to audience queries, comments, reviews. Introverts working as Social Media Manager can analyze the performance of social activities. Social Media Manager tracks its followers, respond to their questions. They ensure brand guidelines and best practices. Social Media Manager is capable of earning 40 thousand dollars in a year.


An anxious introvert is very much shy and behaves very awkward when with people. They are very much tensed about their past and future. Anxiety remains in them always.

1. Technical Writer

The technical writer used to prepare user-friendly instruction manuals, They create guides for “HOW TO DO’s”, creating procedural documents, they convert complex data into the simple language which make it easy to read. Sometimes they publish and edit their material. The introvert who is working as a technical writer can earn around 32 dollars per hour.

2. Career and Education Counselor

An educational counselor’s job leverages counseling to increase the development of students for success. Their main focus is on counseling students either individually or in groups through workshops or outreach activities. It includes academic workshops and personal therapeutic support. Their average salary varies from 38 to 44 dollars annually.

3. Mechanic

Mechanics have an interest in tools. They inspect and repair motor vehicles. Introverts can join performing maintenance of vehicles. there are lots of tools and technologies to help them in their work. There are specialized in mechanics for special parts or specific vehicles. A good mechanic can earn 18 to 20 dollars for an hour.


These kinds of Introvert thinks a lot before saying anything or taking action. He usually does things very slowly in comparison to other people. An inhibited introvert take longer than normal to move forward on things.

1. Physicist

A physicist is a curious person about nature properties. For example, how the force of gravity works, what is an atom, properties of molecules. His job is to make models and create scientific theories to example these concepts. They study the concept deeply and create an application for practical areas, equipment, and advanced materials in support of the concepts they understand.

Average Salary: $192,930

2. Research Scientist

A research scientist’s job is described as designing and performing laboratory-controlled tests. They analyze data, gather results and determine outcomes. As a research scientist, an Introvert can work for a profit organization, government, educational institute, etc. Their average salary varies from 70 to 75 thousand dollars per year.

Above is given just a small list of jobs for introverts, but jobs are not limited to it only. Various other career choices match the attitude and abilities of Introverts.

3. Marriage and Family Therapist

MFT is a form of therapy that addresses the behavior of the family persons, how this individual behavior affects the relationship of family members and the family unit as a whole. The counsel couples, they did the job of family counseling and counseling people for marriage. They counsel people not to divorce.

Average Salary annually: $50,090

It is important to understand that everyone is introvert at least to a small degree. Handling introvert nature is easy. There are some of the jobs mentioned above for different introvert nature persons, and jobs are not limited to those only. Other options are also possible like a writer, aerospace engineer, photographer, web developer, video game artist, interior or fashion designer, etc.

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