Best PC Simulators

Simulation games are a separate genre, which implies a complete (or as much as possible) copying of real-life processes. For example, driving a car, or an airplane, managing a village, etc. There are many such projects on the PC, some of which may even seem absurd or insane (simulator goat). Inexperienced gamers can quickly get confused in the choice; we have decided to simplify this process and prepared a selection of simulation games on PC for you.

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Cities: Skylines

  • Year of release: 2015
  • Genre: city building simulator

In front of you is the most popular urban planning simulator, where you become the mayor. The main task is to develop a small village into a metropolis. Take care of the good life of residents, monitor the water supply and electricity, install utilities, build educational institutions, create jobs, and attract new residents. Here you choose your preferred economy, set the percentage of taxes, and decide what laws to approve. In general, you perform all the duties of a good mayor. In general, it’s easy to build a city, don’t even doubt it, but it’s much harder to make it run like clockwork. So keep a close eye on the utilities and consider residents’ wishes.


  • Year of release: 2018
  • Genre: urban simulation

Get ready to plunge into the harsh winter world. Frostpunk is a real challenge for hardcore strategy fans. You will have to survive in a world without heat, where every decision you make plays a considerable role. Remember: it depends only on you if the people stay at minus 50 degrees below zero. The Earth is frozen, harsh winter rages everywhere, and people are forced to build steam engines to survive the unbearable cold. Build the last city on the planet and try to provide its inhabitants with everything they need to stay. The main difficulty is the frost, which can sometimes drop to minus 150 degrees. There are several modes in the game: story missions, where you need to fulfill certain conditions to win, and endless fun, where you can test your skills and develop your city the way you want.

Planet Coaster

  • Year of release: 2016
  • Genre: amusement park simulator

Have you dreamed of having your amusement park? You can create the most incredible dream park here! Build rides, open new attractions, attract tourists, and clean your garden. You’ll have all the business processes in Planet Coaster under your control. Expand your park, expand your territory, build the biggest roller coaster, and create colorful decorations and restaurant courtyards. Dozens of rides and several game modes are at your disposal.

Surviving Mars

  • Year of release: 2018
  • Genre: urban simulation

A unique opportunity to be Ilon Musk and colonize Mars. In front of you is another city-building simulator, where you must establish a settlement and develop on the Red Planet. First, create a self-sufficient colony, set up food production, plant crops, and place futuristic space domes inside which commercial buildings can be installed. Then, explore and explore the bowels of Mars as the planet hides many different mysteries.

Surviving Mars is the best representative of sci-fi urban planning. Interestingly, every inhabitant is essential. All colonists have unique characters and skills, which affect the mood and performance of the other colonists. For example, a scientist who wants to drink after a hard day’s work can encourage his colleagues, and the scientific community will binge.

Jurassic World Evolution

  • Year of release: 2018
  • Genre: park simulator

Jurassic World Evolution has to be at the top of the list of simulation games on PC. It is a business strategy where the player must manage a vast park of dinosaurs. Take over the headquarters on the Muertes Archipelago and revive the planet’s oldest inhabitants. Build research centers to breed new dinosaurs. Set up aviaries, equip them, and take care of your pets. But be careful of predators that can break the fence and escape their enclosure. Here you play with nature itself: using bioengineering, you can create prehistoric creatures that can think and feel. Give dinosaurs unique qualities and thereby earn money for new explorations. Players have several islands available, each with a Jurassic Park to populate.

The Sims 4

  • Year of release: 2014
  • Genre: Real-Life Simulator

The Sims 4 does not need any special introduction because this franchise has been known since 2000. Create a character, carefully work on his appearance and clothes, and move into a free house. Create a playful family, marry sims, have children, build a remarkable career, travel, have pets, and more. You decide who your sim will be. The game has a lot of other additions, without which the gameplay could be more attractive, so we recommend you buy the set with DLC. Here you can show your architect’s skills and build a new house from scratch, make a significant repair or try your characters’ hobbies (e.g., fishing or collecting).

Tropico 6

  • Year of release: 2019
  • Genre: urban simulator

When discussing the best simulation games on pk, let’s mention Tropico 6. It is a city-building simulator where we have to develop our own country. Get ready to try on the role of a ruler and plunge headlong into political unrest. The people need wise leader to lead their country into a better future. It’s up to you to decide who to be: a strict dictator who will be feared by the local population and other nations or a friendly and peaceful servant of the people. Tropico’s fate depends on your choice. You will have to experience four different eras and become the most powerful country in the world. Players will be able to conduct research, build a city, arrange infrastructure, and production, monitor the needs of the locals, and cooperate (or fight) with other nations.

Farming Simulator 22

  • Year of release: 2021
  • Genre: Farm Simulator

Your farm? It is easy! Farming Simulator 22 is a new farming simulator. Take over the entire farm, livestock farming, forestry, and growing crops. Get ready to face the challenges of all four seasons, where harsh winter awaits you. Develop your farm, decorate it, and plant vast fields of wheat, corn, potatoes, or cotton. There are over 400 working machines and more than 100 different farming tools. And to make it even easier and more fun, you can invite your friends and set up your farm together.

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