Best & Most Popular 10 Vaping Tricks That You Can Learn to Perform

Unless someone has been living under the rock (or in North Korea), vaping is something that almost all of the younger generation of today is familiar with. Not all of them may know exactly what it is, but the general idea is in place. Vaping is basically like smoking a cigarette, except it is an e-cigarette or something similar to that, and what you inhale is not tobacco smoke but aerosol, which is also called vapor. (For vaping CBD products check out

Since the method of vaping is said to be less harmful than smoking actual cigarettes and marijuana, it has gained popularity among the millennial and generation Z. But trust them to turn anything and everything into the next cool trend.


For quite some time now, vaping has become the old school equivalent of doing stunts with your motorbike or playing the guitar- the ones who can do it are up on the coolness quotient chart, the ones who cannot surely want to learn.

Here are some of the most popular vaping tricks that can turn you into the coolest guy around the corner:

1. Ghost Inhale

What it looks like: Also called the mushroom cloud or the snap inhale vaping trick, this trick is perhaps the easiest one to master by beginners. When you do this trick, it looks like a ghost-shaped ball of vapor coming out of your mouth and is often snapped back in.

How to do it: Take a long drag of the vapor and for a couple of seconds just hold it in your mouth. Then open your mouth and let it out a little in an O-shape, and quickly close your mouth afterward. You can also inhale it right back in swiftly to add to the trick.

ghost inhale vaping

Skill Level: Easy

2. Dragon Exhale

What it looks like: If you have ever wished to be a dragon in your childhood (shout out to all American Dragon fans), this trick is your magic spell to fulfill that dream now. Another very beginner friendly trick, the dragon, quite literally makes you look like a fire-breathing dragon, with the vapor coming out of your nostrils and the corners of your mouth.

How to do it: Just take drag a mouthful of thick vapor without actually inhaling it and then exhale it with force from both your nostrils and the sides of your mouth.

Dragon Exhale Vaping Trick

Skill Level: Easy

3. O Rings

What it looks like: The name is quite literal. The trick basically is blowing out O shaped rings from your mouth

How to do it: Blowing O rings are perhaps the oldest of smoke tricks but the classic never goes out of style. Take a long drag of the vapour and after inhaling it in, keep it in your throat. Make sure your tongue is placed at the back of your throat, settled down near the lower half of your mouth. Now form an O shape with your lips and in a short thrusting motion, like that of a light cough, push out the vapour. It should come out in the shape of an O.

O Ring Vape Trick

Skill level: Medium

4. The French Inhale

What it looks like: This trick, also called the Irish waterfall, looks like a reverse waterfall with the vapor going from your mouth into your nostrils.

How to do it: After taking a drag, allow the vapor to settle in your mouth and don’t inhale. Then slowly open your mouth with your lower jaw protruded and let the vapor flow out on its own, naturally while inhaling it through your nose at the same time. Even though it is not the simplest of the tricks, it is pretty easy to master once you get used to the simpler tricks.

french inhale vaping trick

Skill level: Medium

5. Double/Triple O Rings

What it looks like: Quite true to its name, the trick basically consists of blowing out two, three or more O rings at the same time from your mouth.

How to do it: Once you have mastered the simpler “O” ring trick, blowing multiple rings is only a matter of practice. The mechanism remains the same as that of the O ring, except you just have to place one finger on your mouth at the middle while keeping it slightly open. Press and pull your top lip in a way that splits your mouth opening into two sections and then blow out the vapour slowly while using the other hand to tap on the sides of your throat. For triple O’s, just replace the single finger with two fingers on your mouth and split the opening into three sections.

Triple O Rings Vaping Trick

Skill level: Experienced

6. Jellyfish

What it looks like: Again, quite true to its name- the vapor comes out in the shape of a jellyfish. It is also known as the Atomic Bomb or the Force Field. The bottom line is pushing a smaller “O” through the middle of a larger ring to create the visual effect of a jellyfish.

How to do it: To achieve this trick perfectly, first you need to make sure that your O rings and vape bend skills are in place. Start with blowing a large O ring and immediately slow it down a bit by placing your hands behind the ring and with your palms creating some airflow to push it a little. Then blow out some vapor right through the middle of this ring and it should create a trail that resembles a jellyfish.

Skill Level: Advanced

7. The Waterfall

What it looks like: This vaping trick is spectacular to look at. It is highly popular amongst people starting out. Through this trick you can see the vape turning into a smooth, semi liquidy substance that flows down from the bottle, giving the impression of a waterfall.

How to do it: First you need an empty bottle which is semi-frozen. After taking a drag from the vaping tube, blow the vape slowly into the bottle until it reaches the bottom. Let it settle a bit for the temperature to take hold of the vape and then slowly pour it down over a smooth surface. The vapor will flow smoothly out of the bottle in all directions giving it the aesthetics of a waterfall.

Skill Level: Easy

8. The Tornado

What it looks like: Just like what the name suggests, this trick will give the vape a little ‘twist’. It involves creating a pool of vapor. But unlike the waterfall, this overflowing pool involves a skillful maneuver that creates a tornado like a shape. This tornado grows from the origin on which it is placed.

How to do it: You require an extremely smooth and heavy weighted surface. Glass is preferable but you kitchen granite table can do the trick satisfactorily as well. The trick is quite easy to perform once you get the hang of it but it may require some practice. After slowly exhaling the vapour on the surface, let it settle in for a few seconds exactly. Then with a swift move of your hand, flick the smoke upwards in a straight line. Make sure you do it fast otherwise the vape would simply dissimilate.

Skill Level: Experienced

9. Vapor Bubble

What it looks like: Tired out of making bubbles out gum, try out this trick. You can impress anyone by skilfully filling a liquid bubble with vape.

How to do it: First of all you need a plastic bottle, soap, water and of course, your vaping machine. Ensure that the bottle is of a smaller size and cut out the bottom of it. Mix hand soap and water, and then gently lower the open end of the bottle into the mixture. Exhale your vapor gently into the bottle after pulling it out of the mixture.  Give the bubble a bounce and it will come right of from the end of the bottle.

Skill Level: Advanced

10. The Atomic Bomb

What it looks like: An impressive name for an impressive trick, though it is similar to the jellyfish, it is still a skill above. Unlike the jellyfish, the second exhale is not simply pushed through the first O ring, but is sucked back. This gives it the look of a mushroom cloud similar to that from a nuclear explosion.

How to do it: If you have practice with the jellyfish then the A bomb should be a piece of cake. Start off with some O rings just a prep-up for the final trick just as in a Ghost Exhale or Jellyfish. Once you have achieved a suitable ring, place your head directly behind it. Extend your chin slightly downwards. Now exhale the vape through the ring and then in a seconds time inhale back in. There you go, a miniature A-bomb.

Skill Level: Experienced

To ensure that these tricks come out neatly, you will need to use a good quality vape mod and a sub-ohm vape tank rather than relying on a regular vape pen. But if you are truly into vaping and want to learn the tricks, this investment is worth it. Now if you are one of those sceptics who question where is all this going to lead someone, the answer is, probably to the mansion of Drake where you will become his vape buddy like the 21-year-old Austin Lawrence. Okay, that maybe one exceptional vaper, but hey, remember the teachings of Lord Krishna: “work without reward in mind”. Now follow the word of the lord and vape your way to glory!

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