FHA Loan 101: How to get an FHA Loan Easily

FHA loan or Federal Housing Administration Loan is the government bank mortgage loan which has been insured by the administration of US federal housing. It is for the home buyers who have lower credit as the borrowers will be highly benefited from the lower down payment of a loan which is near about 3.5 % of the entire home purchasing price.

People who have FICO credit scores near about 580 can also apply along with the people having bad credit. Even if you have a lower credit score which is near to 500 still you will be able to qualify for the FHA loan.

FHA Loans

FHA loan has been designed from the moderate to the lower income buyers who want to afford their house with a lenient or lower credit score requirements along with decent down payment. It is also available to the home buyers who do not qualify for the traditional mortgages.

When you are comparing it with the conventional mortgage loan borrower then you will see that people having credit score near a 620 will have to make a down payment starting from 3.5 to 20% of the entire cost of the house.

Benefits of FHA Loan

  • Lower down payments: When it comes to the FHA loan one of the most interesting benefits is the lower down payments which are equivalent to 3.5 %. Moreover, when you will go for the other conventional mortgages for a home loan, then you won’t be allowed to get a down payment which is too low as this one. So it is very ideal for the people who don’t have a lot of cash with them when it comes to obtaining the home loan through an FHA loan.
  • Debts: The requirements which are imposed by an FHA loan body should be fulfilled and nothing can stop you from getting a loan approved. Even if your credit scores are low or if you were previously subjected to bankruptcy or home foreclosure still you can make the builders or wholesalers pay the closing cost for maintaining a good deal with the borrowing party. According to the policy of an FHA loan lender, they can charge 5% more of the total cost of a house as the closing cost.
  • Home repairing price: Purchasing a house is definitely a huge responsibility. During the making of the house, you will have to face some additional charges which will be difficult to bear if you don’t have enough cash with you. Though you can use the money from the loan for repairing it. You can also provide the details of a renovation or repairing proposal with all the cost estimates as a part of a loan application.

Whom it is suitable for an FHA Loan?

Home ownership is a huge milestone along with a massive financial responsibility. The credit requirements for FHA loan is very minimal which makes it one of the ideal loan of money lenders. It has been said that recently the limit has been updated from 693 to 633.

If you have a lower ratio of debt to income which indicates that your student loan, payment for a credit card or auto loans are lesser than 15% of your monthly income then you will be eligible for this. When you are purchasing a house, it will also come with several unexpected expenses. So use this mortgage for paying for them.

FHA Credit Score

Requirements of FHA Loan

There are certain hurdles which everybody should clear in order to obtain the FHA loan and those are mentioned below.

  • The borrower must provide their identification proof as well as demonstrate their income stream which includes tax returns and paycheck.
  • The borrowers will also have to agree to the home appraisal by the FHA loan home appraisers.
  • Your credit score must not be lower than 500. Even if you are not having enough credit record or have a history of non-traditional credit still you will be able to get the home loan.
  • In order to get the downpayment loan of 3.5 %, the credit score of the borrower should not be lower than 580.
  • If you have gone through the state of bankruptcy then you will need to be clear of all the charges of bankruptcy for 2 years. And during this time you should not go through any home foreclosures for 3 years.
  • You won’t get the approval for the FHA loan if the person is behind their income taxes or the taxes of students’ loan.
  • The lender should be FHA loan approved. The lender of FHA is not the actual lender of the mortgage but they are working with the government for improving the mortgages. They need to meet specific conditions before they are getting the approved loan status of FHA loan.
  • There is no uniform FHA in the loan. There are different types of interest rate along with cost and they can have different types of cost and fees and underwriting practices.
  • This FHA loan is available to the borrowers who are planning on purchasing a house and living in it. It is not for the speculators on investors who want to rent the house.

Loan Limits & Calculator

There are several caveats with the FHA loan. The approval process of the FHA loan is very rigorous and you will have to survive in order to get it approved. So the limits of FHA loan are stated below.

  • The highest loan amount is $679,650 when it is the high-cost markets.
  • When you are calling for the low-cost market then the highest limit of an FHA loan is $294,515.
  • The friendly qualifying terms with lower interest rates are the two reasons why followers are more interested in opting for the FHA loan and it is on the top of the list.

How to Apply for FHA Loan

Getting the FHA loan is not so easy and there are a lot of steps that need to be accomplished properly. So in order to apply for the FHA loan, you will have to follow the below mentioned steps:

FHA Loan Agreement

  • Getting pre-approved: In the first step you will have to get the FHA loan ready for getting cleared and all the guidelines are very much straightforward. You will have to apply for the status of pre-approval with the official FHA lender. After it is getting approved in the next section you can proceed to the other steps. Now you can easily show this to the homeowners who will be selling you the house.
  • Form 1003: To get the FHA loan you will have to fill the uniform residential loan application. Here in this application, you will have to fill up the type of loan that you require with the address of the new house. After completing the form you will also have to include your employment history, expenses, dates, income requirements, and other important personal data which as a lender you will need to fill up.
  • Property appraised: It is very important to check the market price of the property that you are thinking of purchasing. So the loan company will send a home appraiser who will check the property and make an approximation of the entire valuation. If this value falls under the price asked for a loan, then you will proceed to the next step otherwise it will get canceled.
  • Underwriting process: The mortgage lender will underwrite all the steps in order to evaluate the loan application of FHA, review all the financial details and the credit of a person. If a person has all the finances in the right order, then they will get their loan approved.
  • Approval of FHA loan: After clearing all the hurdles you will be provided with the financing which you require for purchasing the home.

When you are opting for the FHA loan it is important to know that it is available for the people who want to live in a house and not for renting it. So even with your low credit scores, you will be able to avail this FHA loan but the procedure is quite strict. You will have to provide all the details along with the pay slip and the employee detail and all the necessary things which are required while opting for a mortgage.

As it includes a lot of steps for getting approved so make sure you are providing all the right information otherwise the entire loan will get canceled in the middle. One should learn about this loan properly along with the limits of it to get it approved. FHA loan can be availed even if you are having a history of bankruptcy or other issues but you will have to exceed the different amount of years mentioned in the policy. Availing this FHA loan maybe simply because of the easy requirements but the steps are difficult. They will not only provide you with the money for purchasing the house but also or renovating or repairing it when required. You know more you will have to visit the official website. You can also check the video tutorial to learn more about the steps of FHA loan. You can also ask for the help of other people who have opted for this loan.

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