Best Online Real Estate Portals for Indians

Over the years people in India have mostly relied on brokers for buying real estate. Unlike India, people in the US have eliminated the presence of a middleman in case of buying plots. Therefore, dealing of real estate online has become popular in India in the past few years.

There are certain advantages of buying property online: the cost at which the middleman or the broker introduces the client, is completely eliminated, the buyer can search as per their preferences not only in their neighboring areas but also all over the country, one can search by filtering according to the amenities, price, locality, safety, etc. Automatically the options increase by a huge number. The most important point is that the information is verified and authentic, unlike the information provided by a broker which can be biased.

The top 5 real estate web portals in India are specified as follows:-

1. claims to be the top real estate web portal and thus it has been placed in the 1st position. Considering other web portals, has a busy traffic with respect searching for plots. One very important criteria of such a website are being able to resell the plot which facility is provided by this website. has a huge database and a genuine one. When compared to other real estate websites there is vast of enumeration of plots, societies and projects on this web portal.

Besides buying and selling of land, one can also buy and sell villas, houses and commercial property as well. It is easier to search for a favorable plot on this site because it is very user-friendly. The homepage looks aesthetic which attracts more people. It also provides a section for FAQ which makes the user believe in the website even more. Also, they help their customers getting home loans.

2. had entered the business of real estate quite late but shot its position as high as 2nd on the list of top 5 real estate websites. This web portal is mainly good for buying or renting purposes. If a piece of land needs to be bought then is a good option however if people are looking at reselling plots or houses then this site may not be a great choice. The search engine receives traffic because the search results are pretty satisfying. Another attractive feature of this portal is that they provide images of the property or plot or house or flat to be bought.

The customer care helpline calls up to check whether the customer is facing any difficulty in availing things. This gives the buyer a detailed idea of what he/she is indulging into. They display a pretty good amount of advertisements to divert attention towards themselves. An appealing feature of is that they also provide an option for their customers for downloading their app. However, there isn’t a separate section for FAQ.


One interesting thing about the site is that one needs to choose a city of preference before they can hop into any further options. Agents from the company personally visit the plot and take pictures of them before finally putting it up on the site. Therefore the quality of their data is of high class and very authentic and the database is accurate. This gesture is quite commendable. They have started covering most of the key cities of India and have expanded their reach further.

Filters provided by the site is pretty organized and well set for the ease and comfort of the user. has pumped up their site by inculcating various technological advances and blending it with lucidity. They have come up with progressions of data mining and algorithms to improve their site. Also, a lot of money has been spent on promotion of this site. Besides progressing in the homeland, can also be trusted with buying property outside the country, but not renting property.


The traffic has increased profoundly over the years. is a nice option for buying a plot if someone is dealing in real estate for the first time. The format of the page is pretty straightforward and simple. For reducing the level of complexity the options of home loans, assistance and research are provided on the homepage.

There are good options for new upcoming projects whereas options for renting are equally scanty. If the client has an eye on a particular property they will all the information and nitty-gritty of the plot on the website. Especially for people looking for plots in smaller cities, is the place to log into. They also guide the clients through the entire home loan procedure.

5. is a relatively new site in the market for real estate but in no time it has gained a lot of popularity. When searching for properties in the first tier cities such Mumbai and Delhi, it may not turn out to be very difficult. However, when searching for plots in comparatively less popular areas of Bhopal or Lucknow it may be tough to get hold onto good ones.

They also have a weak database when it comes to renting of houses. Their homepage does not consist of any information about providing home loans or of getting the app for the site. Nonetheless, it provides a filter at the very beginning on which one can feed in their preference of budget and locality. Here too there isn’t a stipulated section for FAQ to solve the queries of the customers.



To get hands on more information, visit the sites. You can also check out GrabHouse, Makaan, PropertyWala, PropTiger and Sulekha Properties to get the best deals on property all-round the year at any given location in India.

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