How CoinSwitch has Made CryptoCurrency Trading a Lot Easier for Us

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is on the rise mostly from 2017 when the token price of Bitcoin nearly reached USD 19000. The recent buzz about cryptocurrencies is the regulations issued by The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) for the operation of cryptocurrency wallets. Even with such regulations, one cannot deny that digital currencies are prone to scams and hacks. However, people are investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum with lots of hope.

What is CoinSwitch?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies which use high-end encryption codes for safer and secure financial transactions. There are plenty of cryptocurrency trading websites, but only a few like CoinSwitch provide legitimate information about the digital tokens. CoinSwitch is the leading cryptocurrency exchange throughout the world which facilitates in hassle-free trading of cryptos.

Cyptocurrency Digital Currency

CoinSwitch has an intuitive and professional approach towards assisting crypto enthusiasts for exchanges like BTC to ETH. Even beginners can easily interpret the information provided in CoinSwitch about cryptos like Ripple, ZCash, Dash and Tron. One can select amongst the wide range of cryptocurrencies available in CoinSwitch to buy, sell and trade. You can buy Ripple with credit card or debit card in CoinSwitch or use fiat currencies like USD, Euros and Yen.

Functions of CoinSwitch that makes it a one-stop for all the crypto needs

What makes CoinSwitch an ideal place to deal with the cryptos is its 24/7 customer support. CoinSwitch has a tie-up with leading crypto exchanges in the world like Changelly, ShapeShift, Bittrex, Ku Coin and Hit BTC. Live tracking of the crypto prices is possible only in CoinSwitch. Frequent updates about the happenings in the world of cryptocurrencies can also be procured in CoinSwitch.

There are new cryptocurrencies are popping in every now and then with promises like better security and privacy to the users. CoinSwitch offers 300 different types of cryptos to choose from. It also enlightens us about the purpose of different cryptos and how they work. Detailed information about the crypto-coin is available in CoinSwitch. This enables the users to understand better about the tokens before investing in them.

CoinSwitch provides live price charts for all the digital tokens including Tron, Dash and Gas. The price of tokens across various crypto exchanges can be compared before trading on the best available option. Graphs and charts are accessible in CoinSwitch to understand the past performance of various digital tokens and to gauge its future prospects.

Transparent and authentic information is provided in CoinSwitch to create an insight into the digital currencies to the users. CoinSwitch is also acclaimed to be the most secure place to trade cryptocurrencies as it never asks its users regarding their private keys.


An awesome 45000 different pairings of cryptos is possible in CoinSwitch. Such positives of CoinSwitch has made it a lot easier for everyone to trade cryptocurrency. Use CoinSwitch for a secure and seamless experience while buying and selling cryptos.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.