Why Bitcoin is considered the highest ROI investment of the decade?

Bitcoin is the best performing ROI investment of this decade since its inception in 2009. As the decade comes to an end, we have again started analyzing what performed the best – and what did not – and the consequent reasons behind it.

A single dollar that was invested in Bitcoin in 2010 yields $90,000 – yes, you read that right! We’re not telling this – CNN is! No wonder Bitcoin is being called the star investment of the decade, but why?

Well, the king of the crypto world or Bitcoin performs in a volatile market, but with greater risk, comes greater rewards.


Late start – but it aged well

Bitcoin might have had a late start to the early decade and its history is filled with exciting events from its anonymous creation to speculations that connect its inception to some Satoshi Nakamoto with parabolic price increases, and a lot of media attention.

It was compared to the high-performing asset of all time, gold – and well, truth be told, it has surpassed the value and relevance of gold in the last decade. Smart investors have invested in bitcoin and reaped its benefits – and that is only saying so much. Through the years, bitcoin wasn’t accepted into the mainstream by government bans or non-believers, because the market it operates within is very volatile, and in the last decade, the market has gotten significantly secure which makes bitcoin reliable to some extent.

Increased security levels are a good reason why bitcoin has been becoming the highest ROI investment of the decade. Now, because, there is a lack of regulations the non-believers have tried to make their case with bitcoin and the scams that have happened, monetarily, have also been a reason.

However, bitcoin provides an outlet for all of us around the globe to revolutionize how the economy works and how financial structures exist and evolve. When you take away regulations or any centralized authority, there might be risk – but there comes to the forefront lack of tariffs and fees which, in other cases, are enormous. The believers in bitcoin think their case is stronger because the amount of calculation that happens in bitcoin and the private key that one has cannot be breached – so it is more secure than other investments in more ways than one.

Bitcoin or Gold: Which ROI investment is better?

Bitcoin’s comparison to gold arises from the fact that these are scarce assets, which implies that they have a limited supply that would only be in existence – they cannot be mined after a certain point, or after the last bitcoin has been mined. The maximum number of bitcoins that can be mined is 21 million, and though for gold – we don’t have a definite figure, we do have one for bitcoins! Though there’s still time to when the last bitcoin would be mined, the fact that it is not unlimited also lends more value and increases its market value. Further, why this comparison has gained ground, when we talk about ROI investments is because the U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission has declared bitcoin to be a commodity, which is placing it in the same category as gold. However, the CNN report we mentioned at the start, had also observed that if you invested $1 in gold in 2010, or the start of the decade, you would have received $1.38 which is way lower than the bitcoin returns, thus making bitcoin the highest ROI investment of the last decade.

Another reason for bitcoin doing so well that it is considered the highest performing ROI in the market is because it is scalable – its capacity is increasing, and that can be measured. Right now, it is over 860 BTC – and it is only expected to rise further.

If you’re still wondering, why Bitcoin?

Even while the world battled a pandemic at the end of the decade, and every other financial market suffered turbulently and came down for significant periods of time, bitcoin did unbelievably well and it came out stronger than before and it is safe to say that it has aged well.

However, to make profits even with the highest performing ROI of this decade, you need to use the right technique and the right platform – and that goes without saying, right? Bitcoin offers financial freedom to you, not only in the way it reaps benefits but also in the way, you use finances and you do transactions. The right platform is the key to unlocking it all. In the vast sea of bitcoin-related websites and platforms, how must one know which to trust? Well, start with https://bitcoineras.com as it comes directly from expert recommendations and user reviews – it has been doing considerably well and even for a newcomer, once you get started with the deposit account and amount, it will take care of the investments and its algorithm would predict the best wins for you! Isn’t that great? Well, you know that’s a yes!

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