Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review

Are you looking for a solid Android phone for productivity or entertainment? Then you should consider getting the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. This is the fourth phone in the S line that was released last year. It has the right mix of useful features and affordability. If you want to know more about this phone, then you need to check out the review below.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE


The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a very beautiful phone. Using it will surely help you get noticed. It is also available in different vibrant colors. You can choose from Lavender, Red, Mint, White, Orange, and Navy. To cut costs, Samsung used plastic instead of glass for the back of the phone. But it doesn’t feel cheap at all. The phone feels solid and unified thanks to the nice curving job that Samsung has done on the sides. Compared to the Galaxy S20, the FE has a thicker bezel. But you won’t notice it once you start using it. The FE provides an excellent full-screen experience.


Samsung had to make concessions with the camera in order to keep the price of the FE down. It has three standard 12 MP sensors instead of Samsung’s latest high-megapixel ultra sensors. This doesn’t mean, however, that this phone has a terrible camera. And under good conditions, all three cameras of the FE are able to take excellent photos. But in low-light conditions, it’s a different story. The cameras of the FE can’t match the quality of photos that the Pixel or the iPhone 11 Pro are able to take. But if you’re not a hardcore photography buff then the cameras of the FE should be enough for your needs.


The S20 is a fast phone and for sure its speed is sufficient for all of your needs. Unlike the flagship model that has 12GB of RAM, this only has 6GB, an amount that is sufficient for multitasking. Whether you’re using the phone mainly for work or for entertainment, you’ll surely be satisfied with the performance of this phone. If you’re a power user, you may experience some lag or you may have issues with speed. But for the average user, the performance of this phone is more than enough. The phone is also available with 5G connectivity. So if you’re worried about getting a future-proof phone, then the S20 FE is a solid option for you.

The verdict

Some people may say that the S20 FE is a rushed phone and that it doesn’t really offer anything new. While that may be partly true, it doesn’t mean that this phone is not good. In fact, it is very good. It has a decent battery, a high refresh rate, a competent camera, and a speed that can put other phones to shame. Simply put, this phone has flagship features at an affordable price. This phone continues that stellar legacy of the S 20 series. Samsung really did a good job with this phone. It is definitely one of the best Android phones available today.

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