How to Extend Your Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphones are getting smarter and hence more capable to handle stuff which we do on Computer, Calculator, Camera, etc. From navigating to a place to searching anything on the internet, from watching a movie to video chatting a friend, a smartphone is a universal gadget that can handle most of our tasks & entertainment. But, as the capability & processing power of smartphones increased, the battery life fell short to keep up with it. Battery technology is improving and more phones are coming with fast charging features now but against our need, the pace is still very slow.

We can’t control how fast it will improve but we can certainly take steps to increase battery backup of our own smartphone. They are very simple things you have to do on your smartphone to increase your smartphone battery life. Make them a habit and you’ll be able to boost your smartphone battery life by 50 to 60%.

Tips to Increase Smartphone Battery Life

  • Stop apps running in the background like Google Assistant
  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Enable power-saving mode
  • Disable automatic  system updates
  • Disable auto-check for the app update
  • Reduce the number of notifications you receive
  • Turn on airplane mode in areas of poor reception
  • Turn off Wireless/WIFI when not in range
  • Reduce the volume and sleep out time
  • Disable the widgets you are not using
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Reduce screen resolution
  • Turn off Vibration for Notifications
  • Restart the phone in a day to delete Cached Ram
  • Turn off NFC
  • Enable dark mode
  1. Keep screen brightness low:

Auto brightness is convenient but often you can push the brightness a bit lower and actually see stuff on your display on. Some phones you can toggle auto brightness from the notification shade but others required a trip to the settings menu again. We want to find the razor’s as balanced between frustrating usable and barely tolerable but every NIT of display output hits your battery harder.

  1. Go for easy wallpaper:

Swap fancy wallpaper for basic black. Sure, you have got this beautiful screen but what benefit does animated wallpaper really provide you are shorter battery life. Switching to static wallpaper should take a little power pressure off on your phone and if your handset uses an AMOLED display switching to a dark theme or at least using black wallpaper should help reduce the amount of power drawn from lighting up unnecessary pixels. Don’t think of it as boring and play, think of it as simple, clean and efficient.

Avoid Animated Wallpapers

  1. Curb background data:

It is pretty nifty how our phones pull all this information from the internet for us even when we are not looking at apps. But if we want to maximize run time we put a stop to that, you can be really draconian and kill all background usage or you can root out and curb the most offending apps regardless I pretty much always shut down Face book.

  1. Disable Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth

While you are managing your all data usage you can also cut out all of your other wireless radio and receivers. Again these are on, is a convenience gets in your car and GPS is already on. In the range of a hotspot, Wi-Fi will auto-connect but these still draw power where you are not using them, so brush them. Of course, there are ways to smart toggle some of this behavior, some phones will switch items based on location or Wi-Fi network and though they never became super popular.

You can always try out some of these nifty.NFC tags program the tags, switch things on and off as you tap and go about your day but really most will probably just gamble about having to do this stuff manually until give up and just take the battery hit for having these radios on all the time we know you are lazy but remember you the battery too!.

  1. Disable app auto-updates:

This one actually burned me one day where my phone found some carrier branded Wi-Fi and then went to town updating a bunch of apps when I noticed the phone was running warm and I lost a small chunk of my battery to a convenient setting hit up Google and shut down. If you do not want to happen with you, be careful and an auto app update.

  1. Prevent your mobile from doing Background App Refresh

There are several features in the iPhone that make it smarter to use. Background app refresh is one of the features that makes your iPhone ready when you need it. It looks after the apps we need the most in a day or use more often. It updates these apps so that whenever we open it next time, it is waiting for us with the latest information.

To turn off Background App Refresh on the iPhone, Go to the Settings and navigate to General > Background App Refresh, then click Background App Refresh > Off. Or, toggle the option off for specific apps only.

Background app refresh

  1. Do you really need hepatic feedback?

It is fun getting little pulses and vibrations from your phone, actually, we really enjoy it. But that hepatic feedback comes from a tiny little motor that steals from your battery. Tuning it off probably would not extend your battery life but every little bit helps.

  1.  Use those battery saving features we have got done:

Both iPhone and Android has battery-saver mode, I recommend you to keep it ON all the time if you need to last the battery for as long as it can. It doesn’t affect anything on plain sight but it helps you to last the charge by controlling the power usage of apps.

  1. We can go for extended battery life:

Whether you own Android or iPhone, there are many apps available in their app store that help you boost your phone battery life by disabling unnecessary processes, apps, standby inactive apps and even throttling your smartphone processor to allow you to use most out of your phone’s battery. Check for them.

PowerPro Battery Saver

So, in the constant battle of balancing convenience against the run time of the battery, I am sure, this article will help you to boost your smartphone battery life and allow you to enjoy more time using your phone and less time waiting for it to charge on the bedside power cord.

Robyn Matthews started writing about technology when she was far too young and hasn't stopped. She spends most of his time obsessing over computer software and hardware, and loves talking about herself in third person.