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We know how much you love watching movies and that’s why we keep coming up with new ways which allow you to watch free movies online. Recently, I’ve compiled a long list of free movie streaming sites which are all good and great but sometimes, they become annoying. They put so many ads on their website, neither they put latest movies quickly nor their servers are available which just doesn’t allow you to watch movies at the time of your choice.

So, there was a need to find a better website that could provide top quality free movie streaming and downloading service searching of which, I finally found the perfect movie site – BobMovies.Online.

Watch & Download Free Movies at

Among all the movie streaming sites I have explored, used and tested to watch or download movies, BobMovies is one of the simplest, fastest and most amazing movie sites which enables its users to watch and download latest or old movies in full HD for free. Visit the site and you’ll see all the top movies in front of you under the section “Top Movies on BobMovies”. If you’re want to watch any trending movies, you’ll surely see it here. If you can’t find your desired movie here or in the whole page, a search box is provided on the left where you can enter your movie name, hit search button and BobMovies will take you to its movie page from where you can choose to either watch it through the BobMovies video player or download in your desktop to watch it offline anytime.

If there is more than one movie with the same name, BobMovies will list all of them in the search results and you can then choose any of them to start watching on the website.

If you don’t have any specific movie in mind and you’re just interested in exploring new movies to see which ones are currently hitting the box office or viewer’s heart then you can use the menu available on the left side to browse to BobMovies full list of Movies, TV Series, Cartoons or movies by Genre, Country, Years and Categories.

Unlike other sites which just put movies from past few years, BobMovies features movies from 1991. So, you’ll be able to watch even those movies that your father & uncle used to watch and admire. The genre section includes all sort of interesting movies on Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Adventure, Animation, Romance, Mystery and much more. Quick links are available in the left sidebar to allow you to browse Top IMDB Movies, 2017 Movies, 2018 Movies, Alphabetical search to allow you quickly find a movie of your interest.

When you find the desired movie, it’s thumbnail will reveal the movie name, year, and Movie Poster. Click on it and you’ll land on the movie page which has other important details such as IMDb Rating, Movie Director, Star Cast, Genre, Country, Duration and video player. Click on it and the selected movie will start playing right on your browser.

You can watch any movie or download it in Full HD without registration or signup on however I recommend you to create a free account here. Creating a free account on BobMovies will also provide several benefits such as the feature to bookmark any movie, watch history, save movies and much more.

And, if you are not in a mood to watch any movie then BobMovies is providing free access to lots of TV series & Cartoons too. Many popular TV shows are available with full episodes  So, whether you want to start a new TV series or continue from where you left the last time, you can start watching any desired TV show right now.

The shows which are currently running on Netflix are also made available by BobMovies within 24 hours. So, once you start using this website for all your movie & TV series streaming or downloading need, you don’t need to look for any other website.

Wrapping it Up

For those of you who want a simple website without any annoying ads or deceiving tricks to watch your favorite movie for free, BobMovies is the perfect place on the internet. The website is providing high-quality version of movies and TV episodes in the simplest way possible. It is quickly adding more and more movies to its database to offer you, your family and friends the best experience whether they are looking to stream movies online or download them.

I started using BobMovies just a week ago and by testing its features & quality, I say BobMovies is definitely a great free movie site that deserves to be in your list of best free places to watch movies or TV shows. And now, the website owner is coming up with more features such as multiple servers facility for both streaming & downloading, user ratings, comments, reviews etc. to offer everyone a better movie experience and learn from other’s experience without putting their time or effort in deciding whether they should watch a movie or not.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.