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On April 3, 2018
Last modified:October 2, 2018


Watching videos on our favorite video player is the favorite past time for almost all of us. It is the most common thing which we do regularly to freshen up our mind. All the systems come with a built-in video player but sometimes, that’s not enough software for playing all our videos. Our beautiful experience takes a hit when our video player finds some of our video files incompatible or is unable to enhance the quality of videos. Can we find a video player that can play videos and audios in any format? In the world, we are always online, can a video player be able to stream the online videos too? And above all, can one video player fulfill all our video and audio requirements?

Fortunately, Yes. There is a software that is more than able to replace your current video player and you would actually start loving it. This tool goes by the name 5KPlayer which is available for free but provides high end features

Well, I’m glad to say that 5KPlayer has successfully replaced my previous video players and the software is just amazing. It is rich in amazing helpful features which helps you to play your videos of any format. Not only to play the HD videos but it also offers several other efficient features.

5KPlayer – Noteworthy Features

let’s have a look at the features of this UHD player for Window/Mac.

Wider hardware acceleration.

Let’s start with the most important feature of 5KPlayer i.e. wider hardware acceleration. This feature of 5KPlayer boosts the GPU video-decoding efficiency and adds up 2 more H/W acceleration modes from its original DXVA2 mode and QSV and NVIDIA H/W decoding.

This hardware acceleration mode is utilized to accelerate the conversion, high-res video decoding, and AirPlay process. The performance of 5KPlayer has been dramatically enhanced in the h264 8K video playback tasks along with the Airplay mirroring and the MP3/AAC conversion process.

The hardware decoding helps to transfer the burden from CPU to GPU for a high-resolution video playback and Airplay mirroring. For decoding the video files, it activates the Graphics processing unit instead of CPU.

Download Videos

Another attractive feature of 5KPlayer is that it lets you download videos from YoutTube, DailyMotion, Facebook and other popular video streaming websites. YouTube lets you watch all the videos and movies it contains and you can even save them for the offline watch but that is only limited to watch on the YouTube itself. Earlier we needed a seperate software for downloading online videos but the all-in-one 5KPlayer takes care of this requirement too.
 It lets you download YouTube videos on your device that you can watch anytime anywhere. It supports an easy way to download the videos from all the popular video streaming websites. The only thing you need to do is to download an install 5KPlayer and then click on the YouTube option available on its homepage.
Then simply copy the link of the video you would like to download and paste it into the given box. 5KPlayer then analyzes the video and start downloading it. Within a couple of minutes, you can get the downloaded video on your device, ready to play.

Video Library

You can make 5KPlayer you default video player. If you are facing a problem with your default and inbuilt video player of your system then 5KPlayer is what you need to have. Sometimes, the default video player couldn’t play some video due to the compatibility issue. But 5KPlayer is compatible with most of the popular video format. You can play any video on 5KPlayer and watch them on it. In fact, it acts like a whole library of your videos and the music files.
You can browse, play and add the videos to the 5KPlayer library. It also lets you create playlists and add your favorite movies to them for watching them quickly and separate them from rest of the video files. Add the videos or music to the favorites. The downloaded content will also be displayed there. No need to browse to different folders to find your file.

5KPlayer also lets you play videos from CD or DVD. To access the library or to play any video, simply launch 5KPlayer on your system, click on the video option and then the file explorer will be opened and you can select any video you need to watch.

The library tab on the top will take to you the video library where you can check out the playlists, downloaded videos, favorites, and the recently watched videos. You can simply drag-n-drop the desired videos in the playlist folder.

Built-in Radio Player

5KPlayer also features a built-in Radio player, It receives the satellite signals and you can then enjoy listening to several radio channels like BBC, Chill, Kiss, Kisstory, Magic, Kerrang, Planet Rock, Heart, Capital, Gold, LBC, XFM, Absolute Radio and Classic Roc. Simply click on the Radio option from the home page of 5KPlayer and then select the desired channel. You can even add your subsistent radio URL to play and listen to it.

Airplay Mirroring

A very helpful feature for the iOS users. This video player provides built-in AirPlay tech which enables it to receive streams from iOS 11/10 iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch on Windows/Mac OS/macOS High Sierra. It also offers you to play the free streams MOV, M4V, MP4,  MP3, AAC from iMac, MacBook/Windows 10/8/7 to Apple TV 4, AirPlay speakers wirelessly.

Convert Videos

5KPlayer enables you to convert the videos to MP3 and AAC. Convert unlimited videos to any of these formats. If you want to only listen to the audio of any particular video then simply convert it using the 5KPlayer. To convert a video to AAC or MP3, go to the library section in 5KPlayer, click on it and then select the desired format to convert the video.

What’s Good

  • Free software.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple, beautiful and user-friendly interface.
  • Free video downloads from YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Allows you to convert videos in MP3 and AAC.
  • Play all kind of videos.
  • Supports Airplay mirroring.
  • You can even play Radio channels.
  • Provides you a great video and music library.

What’s Bad

  • Can’t find any

Wrap Up

5KPlayer is an amazing software which serves you the purpose of a UHD player for Windows/Mac. It not only plays the role of a good video player but also of a good video downloader, converter, and radio. The AIrplay mirroring tech is very helpful for iPhone/iPad users. What’s more, you can even convert the videos using this software. The best thing, you don’t have to spend your money for this as it is totally software which is available for Windows and Mac as well.

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