Top 10 Tricks To Boost Reliance Jio 4G Speed By 10 Times

Reliance Jio 4G arrived as a boon to Indian people when in its introductory offer, Reliance telecom announced it to be free with unlimited voice calls and mobile data. Millions of people from all over the Indian has brought Jio SIM to enjoy its fast & free 4G data and VOLTE voice calls. But, as the network is new, even if the company is working at its fastest pace to set up mobile towers and provide the fastest speed in its voice & data connection, the still are lagging behind.

So, you feel Reliance JIO 4G speed very slow then other telecom operators like Airtel 4G, Vodafone 4G, etc. This situation will be resolved as quickly as possible but if you are only depending on JIO for your mobile data, then it annoying.

So here, I am telling you some cool hacks of Reliance Jio 4G network that will allow you to boost Jio internet speed upto 80 Mbps. Yes, you heard it correctly. Scroll down the post and you’ll be able hack reliance Jio speed to surf internet at blazing fast speed. You’ll be able to surf internet 10 times faster, watch video, download content, listen to songs, do video chat, etc. using this Jio 4G speed hacks:

Know Maximum Jio 4G Speed Available in your Area

Reliance Jio 4G speed varies from place to place. Somewhere it is as high are 200 Mbps and some people aren’t getting even 1Mbps Jio 4G speed. The network speed depends on lots of factors: Network strength, Network Traffic (No. of users using the network at the same time), Active Hours, etc. So before moving ahead and try to boost your Jio internet speed, it’s wise to know the maximum attainable speed.

To know maximum Jio speed in your area, follow these below steps:

  • Install Speed Meter Lite app in your Android phone
  • Make sure your mobile network is connected to Band 40
  • Install JIO TV App and launch RIL AGM channel. Set its quality to HIgh and while the channel is playing keep observing the network speed.
  • Note the maximum speed achieved by Jio 4G.

The number you gets is the maximum speed cap your can achieve for your Reliance Jio 4G.

1. Boost Jio 4G Speed Using Correct APN Settings

It is recommended to put your Reliance JIO 4G SIM in first SIM Slot which supports 4G and set the sim card’s preferred network 4G. Now, if you have done this, the next basic thing comes is the APN setting. Jio automatically sets APN setting in the device but it’s not always the best. So, if you want to get best Reliance Jio 4G speed in your device, you need to set the fastest APN setting for Jio 4G SIM.

Go to Settings >> Mobile Networks >> Access Point Name (APN) Settings of Reliance Jio >> New APN. Now, use the following Reliance Jio 4G APN Setting to get the best connection speed:

Settings NameJIO APN Settings (1)Jio 4G APN Settings (2)
APN TypeDefaultinternet+mms
ProxyNot Setblank
PortNot Setblank
UsernameNot Setblank
PasswordNot Setblank
MMSCNot Setblank
MMS ProxyNot Setblank
MMS PortNot Setblank
MNC857, 863 or 874blank
Authentication TypeNot SetNot Set
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6WAP 2.0

I suggest you to create 2 separate Jio Access Point Name Profiles because depending on your location, any of the both APN can work better. You can only know this by trying it manually.

2. Increase Jio 4G Speed by Changing Jio 4G LTE Network Band

4G LTE Network works in 3 different bands: Band 3 (1800Mhz), Band 5 (850Mhz) and Band 40 (2300Mhz). In India, there are three leading telecom companies which are providing 4G LTE service: Airtel, Vodafone and Jio. Airtel supports LTE 40, Vodafone supports Band 3 while Jio supports all three 4G LTE bands: 3, 5 and 40. Jio offers 50mbps (+/-) in band 40, 18mbps (+/-) in band 3 & 8(+/-) in band 5. It has been observed that:

  • Best coverage: Band 5 > Band 3 > Band 40.
  • Best speed: Band 40 > Band 3 > Band 5

While in other 4G LTE networks, you can’t change your 4G LTE band but in Jio, you can. But, Jio restricts its 4G LTE band depending upon your location. So, it has fixed a band for your area too but if you want to change it lets say for better speed or better coverage then you can perform following tweak:

Solution 1: For Qualcomm Chipset

Android phones with Qualcomm chipset have hidden configuration option known as ‘Service Menu’ which allows users to select specific LTE band and rest of the bands remain inactive.

Steps to change 4G LTE Band in Qualcomm Chipset Android phone:

  • Install Shortcut Master (Lite) android app and open it
  • Go to Menu and select ‘Search’
  • Type: Service Menu or Engineering mode & Search
  • Select ‘System app’ for more specific
  • If found then open & access to change LTE bands

Solution 2: MediaTek Chipset

If you have 4G smartphone with MediaTek chipset then there is a specific app which allows you to change LTE band for your 4G LTE Network.

  • Install MediaTek Engineering Mode in your MediaTek 4G Smartphone
  • Run the app and select ‘MTK Setting’
  • Now select ‘Bandmode’
  • Select SIM slot with Jio 4G SIM and scroll down to ‘LTE Mode’
  • Tick Band 40 for best speed or Band 5 for best coverage
  • Save the settings and reboot the phone

3. Jio 4G Speed Hack: Using Hotspot

If you haven’t installed speed meter lite app to trace Jio 4G speed, then open web browser (e.g., Chrome) in Android and start downloading a large file. As it starts downloading, it will be showing the downloading speed of Jio 4G too. Now, move around your house to know at what place do you get the maximum 4G downloading speed using Jio.

Now, place your mobile phone at this place and turn ON its hotspot. Use your mobile hotspot to connect to Jio 4G internet through other smartphone, PC, laptops or Tablet and enjoy superfast Jio 4G speed.

4. Boost Jio 4G Speed: Using Paused Downloads

As Jio provides 4G LTE in all three bands 3, 5 & 40, it don’t always restrict the band usage by areas, it restrict it with services too. So, it has been observed that your web browsing might be slow but downloading is fast with Jio 4G because, at the time of downloading, Jio 4G LTE automatically shift band from 3/5 to 40.

So, you can start a file download and as soon as Jio 4G speed increases and stabilizes to the higher speed, you can pause the download. Now, as Jio 4G has shifted to Band 40, you will enjoy fast browsing, download, uploading, voice/video calling, etc. This trick drastically improves Jio 4G LTE speed.

5. Optimize Jio 4G Speed: Using Airplane Mode

If you are surfing the internet for many years in your smartphone then you already know this little hack that sometimes when your mobile data or WiFi doesn’t work, you need to restart your phone or turn Airplane mode OFF-ON to make it work Jio 4G follow the same tweak. If you are experiencing slow network speed in Jio 4G compare to the past few days at the same time, you can try turning Airplane mode ON/OFF.

Each time you do this, a new connection is made for mobile data from your Jio SIM to its tower. So, if you experience abnormally slow speed, you can try reconnecting to the network by turning your Airplane mode OFF-ON to allow your Jio 4G sim to made a better connection with a better channel to provide better speed.

6. Improve Jio 4G Speed with Better Browser

Why to blame Jio 4G network always for internet speed when you can have a faulty browser in your phone too? Well yeah, it’s a very common case with many Jio users because they use stock android Web browser or default Google Chrome web browser and face slow internet speed. But there are better web browser in google play store which offer better speed:

  • Opera Mini
  • UC Browser Mini
  • Dolphin Browser with Dolphin Jetpack

These browser are provided better speed for me for Jio 4G connection in comparison to Google Chrome. Try any of them, you might notice better browsing speed too.

7. Increase Reliance Jio Internet Speed by Tweaking Phone Settings

There are a lots of settings in phone which may hinder performance of your Jio 4G internet connection. Some of them to check is:

  • Check if Mobile Data Roaming is ON or OFF. If it’s OFF, turn it ON
  • Change preferred network for Jio SIM from 3G/4G to 4G or LTE only
  • Check bandwidth usage in your phone and see what apps are consuming your mobile data and disable/uninstall useless apps
  • Pause cloud/sync apps, auto-download options in messengers like WhatsApp, Hike, auto-update, auto-backup options and in-app settings in installed Apps and turn off every such unnecessary settings which utilize bandwidth in background.

8. Boost Jio 4G Speed using VPN Apps

This is one of the most popular trick to boost Reliance Jio 4G internet speed which is being using by thousands of indians. There are lots of free VPN apps available in Google Play store which allow you to change your location and browser internet anonymously. Many of these apps like VPN Master, Snap VPN, F-Secure Freedom VPN have been tested and claimed by many users to increase Jio 4G Speed.

So, install any of these free VPN apps, select any country’s server like Singapore, Canada, Australia or even India and try surfing internet using your Jio 4G SIM card, you’ll notice instant speed boost for Reliance Jio 4G.

9. Use Internet Booster Apps

Trust me, you can optimize your phone at such extent that an Internet Booster app can optimize to offer maximum internet speed in your phone. A popular Internet optimizer app is: Internet Booster & Optimizer which tweaks lots of settings in Android phone internally to boost internet speed in your device.

So, install this app in your android phone, run in and select “Non-root user” or “Root user” profile depending in your device’s root option. If your device is rooted, then this app can boost your Reliance Jio 4G internet speed up to 10 times even if your device is not rooted, you will still observe drastic improvement in your Jio 4G internet speed.

10. The Final Treatment to Boost Jio 4G Internet Speed

All of these above methods are tried and tested hacks to boost your Jio 4G LTE speed. So implement them and I am sure, you will offer great increase in internet speed of your Jio network. You can also try calling Jio customer care and registering your complain about very slow Jio 4G speed. At the moment, Reliance Jio is taking customer’s complaint very seriously because it doesn’t want to ruin its PR.

So, if you register the complaint about slow Jio internet speed of bad service then they will take very quick action to increase Jio connection speed at least for your specific Jio number.

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