Business Travel: How to Kill Time on Your Smartphone

Got a few hours until the next flight? It doesn’t have to be boring!
Got a few hours until the next flight? It doesn’t have to be boring!

Business travel can be tough, as you’re often hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your nearest and dearest. Thankfully, there are many activities you can complete on your smartphone, and that will help the hours to pass you by. Make corporate travel a little more bearable by reading how to kill time on the mobile device.

Learn Something New

Rather than switching on the TV once you arrive back at your hotel room, you could always use your spare time to learn something new on your iOS or Android device. For example, you could improve your international communication skills by mastering a new language on a helpful app, such as DuoLingo, which could be useful for many business trips overseas.

There are also many online courses available, which you could complete in your downtime to expand your skillset. For example, you could take a search optimization course, join a marketing webinar, or even teach yourself how to code.

Play a Game

Traveling for business can often feel anything but enjoyable, as you might feel a million miles away from your comfy home. For this reason, you should aim to inject some fun into your trip to make it feel much more bearable.

For example, you could play a game that will require much of your time and concentration. Great options to try can include Candy Crush or Wordscapes, as you’ll want to complete level after level and compete with other players. If, however, you’re looking for a game that’s a little more competitive and requires elaborate strategy, you could always test your bluffing skills with a mobile poker app. Before you know it, you’ll be back on the plane or train that will take you home.

A laptop and smartphone are your best tools for airport productivity
A laptop and smartphone are your best tools for airport productivity

Network with Professionals at Your Destination

Instead of enjoying dinner alone after a meeting or conference, you could always ask a potential client or business associate at your destination to join you. For example, you could reach out to your LinkedIn or Twitter connections to send them an invite for a coffee, drinks, or dinner. These casual connections could lead to stronger business relationships, which could help you secure a new contract or receive brand referrals that will grow your customer base.

Write an Industry-Related Blog Post

You are likely to meet many people and absorb lots of information during a business trip. You could always use this to your advantage and write an insightful industry blog post on your smartphone.

For example, you could review an industry exhibition, round-up key information you absorbed at a conference, or even write a persuasive opinion piece that will grab people’s attention.

Writing well-written information articles can be a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader, drive traffic to a website and increase a company’s profits.

Watch an Inspiring Ted Talk

If you are dedicated to broadening your mind, boosting your knowledge and listening to various subject matter experts, you should watch an inspiring Ted Talk. It doesn’t matter if you want to gain an insight into your industry, grow your confidence, or boost your motivation, there will be a powerful video to match your needs.

So, don’t twiddle your thumbs in your hotel room and find a video that will encourage you to reach your personal or professional goals.

If you want to return home from a business trip feeling productive, smarter, and more motivated, you should complete the above activities on your smartphone during your downtime.

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