How to Choose the Best Eyelash Extension Glue

If you are a beauty products enthusiast, typically an eyelash extension lover, and love to experiment with the different types of eyelash maquillage, this article is for you! Here we have discussed everything that you must know about eyelash extension glues and more. 

Before moving to the next segment, let us tell you that there is no universal glue that fits all. It varies from person to person, environment, allergic issues, and others. So, selecting the right eyelash extension glue out of the many is indeed a daunting task. For that, you must have in-depth knowledge regarding the constituents of the glue along with its pros and cons.  

So, let us first get started with the types of lash extension glues.

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Types of Eyelash Extension Glues

Before directly starting with the types, let’s check the overview of the constituents of a lash extension glue. 

Every eyelash extension glue includes cyanoacrylate as its main component. This ingredient facilitates quick drying of the glue as soon as applied on the extended lashes, ensuring firm hold to keep the extension in position for a couple of weeks. Cyanoacrylate works only when there is enough moisture in your surroundings. In simple words, there should be an optimal humidity of about (45 to 60)% in your surroundings as cyanoacrylate needs moisture to attach itself to the extended lashes properly.

Apart from Cyanoacrylate which forms (90 to 95)% of the adhesive, the rest (5 to 10)% of the glue contains certain complex compounds. These compounds are responsible for thickening and stabilizing the extended eyelashes and also act as a hardening accelerator cum colorant. 

There are a total of 5 types of Cyanoacrylate:

1. Methyl-Cyanoacrylate:

This type of eyelash adhesive is the most toxic among all five. So, the methyl is recommended for industrial use only, that too by the hands of beauty professionals. Since methyl type adhesive is capable of dissolving protein, it may cause permanent blindness, if wrongly applied. Experts suggest to consider it as the last option in your eyelash adhesive list.  

2. Ethyl-Cyanoacrylate

This type of adhesive is widely used for its quick-drying property. Plus, it retains the strength of the extended lash to last for several weeks. However, the smell and irritation resulting from the Ethyl type adhesive are too strong. 

3. Alkoxy-Cyanoacrylate

This adhesive type is eight times more costly than the Ethyl-Cyanoacrylate type glue. The reason behind its expensive price is that it is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction; hypoallergenic. Besides, the smell is considerably milder compared to Ethyl type.

4. Butyl-Cyanoacrylate

Butyl type is yet another adhesive similar to Alkoxy type for its low odor and hypoallergenic features. This instant lash extension glue is developed with the aim of using it for veterinary and medical purposes. Butyl type is also commonly used as a thickener in maquillages. If compared with Ethyl type adhesive, the drying speed of Butyl glue is slow and the adhesion strength is also less. 

5. Methoxy-Cyanoacrylate

Methoxy type lash extension adhesive causes minimal irritation when applied. Plus, this type is free from odor among all the Cyanoacrylates types. This product is produced with the intention of eliminating the issues caused by smell and irritation of Ethyl and Butyl-type adhesives. However, the slow drying time and weaker adhesion are its(Methoxy glue’s) two setbacks.

Which Lash Extension Adhesive is Most Favorable? 

At the end of the day, people always prefer the one that fits their purpose causing the least to zero health risks. Sometimes it could be your preference to buy a smoother cum silkier glue over a thicker viscous adhesive. Or, you might prefer an instant drying glue to the one having optimal drying speed, even though you are not in a hurry. Sometimes the selection of the glue product might depend on the level of irritation it causes or the smell it emits, what is the preferable humidity, etc. Whichever adhesive type you choose, make sure it promises your purpose. Then you are good to go!

How Safe is an Eyelash Extension Glue? 

Some people, especially the ones who are trying it for the first time, might have a doubt regarding the safety aspect of the lash extension glue. But, technically there is no harm caused to your eyes as they remain shut since the start of the lash extension process till the glue gets completely dried up.  So, there is no risk of getting the adhesive into the eyes. 

Note: To stay rest assured about the safety of the adhesive, it is better to be certain of the ingredients used in that product. Any harmful chemical, like formaldehyde, containing extension glue should be strictly avoided from applying.

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For every eyelash lash fanatic, it is recommended to have only those adhesives that are sensitive and irritation-free. Sometimes, an inaccurate type of glue application on the wrong skin-type can be allergic to the user. For example, the smell of the glue might be too strong, or the chemicals used in the glue could be such that the user is allergic to. In the worst case, you might have to consult a physician and get your eyes or skin treated to exterminate the allergic reaction. So, you must know your skin type and then decide accordingly. Consult a dermatologist to be on the safe side.

One more thing to consider is the correct application of the glue to the correct amount to avoid losing your natural eyelashes. Make sure not to rub or pull your lash extensions forcibly. Use a mild lubricating or oily ingredient to tug out the extensions (in case you really want to). 

Where to Get the Most Trusted Eyelash Extension Glue?

Though every maquillage company guarantees the best product ever, the final product selection lies in your hand. This is no doubt a daunting task to do. But your search for the best eyelash extension glue ends here as we, at Quality Beauty Store, understand our customers’ expectations and try to meet the same. Our team of lash glue experts is there to guide you anytime round the clock in choosing the right glue from QBS. Rest assured, we are committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. 

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