Science vs Commerce vs Arts – What to Pick?

Once in a lifetime of every student, there comes a situation after passing 10th grade, when they have to make a decision of choosing a domain among Science, Commerce, and Arts (aka, Humanities). The decision should be such that it enables the student to pursue a career the person had dreamt of or that which aligns with his/her aptitude. But, the confusion of subject selection arises when you have the least ideas of the scope of the above 3 mentioned trades.

So, today we will compare Science, Commerce, and Humanities (Arts) streams, plus will discuss the scope of each of the three. Later we will discuss how to choose the right field and what if you chose the wrong trade.

So, let’s get started!

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Science vs. Commerce vs. Arts

Be it Science or Commerce or Humanities (Arts), every stream is best and worst depending on how good the student is in a particular subject/trade. So, comparison on the basis of better and worse subjects should be avoided, as it can end up confusing the student and going for a wrong stream.  

The comparison should be rather on the basis of an objective manner, which will allow students to check each option well, prior to sticking to the subject of one’s convenience. 

Here, we have enumerated all the three (Science, Commerce, and Arts) streams, concerning their career scope:


Science includes a wider scope of the study as well as a career out of the three mentioned subjects. A science student gets innumerable career options to choose from. Science encompasses the strategic study and systematic investigation of all-natural occurrences and phenomena by following different methods like experimentation, observation, etc.

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Career-based Study

If you take Science in 10th grade, you can pursue any of the following three core subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. While certain career choices are specific to particularly one of these three, others could be interdisciplinary; that is, the study may involve either of the 2 or all the 3 subjects of Science.  

Career Scope

Here are some of the career options of Science students with respect to interdisciplinary as well as individual subject study:

Medical Science
BiostatisticsBiomechanicsDental ScienceCytology
EmbryologyMedical PhysicsEpidemiologyImmunology
HistologyNutrition SciencePhotobiologyRadiobiology
  • Microbiology
  • Neuroscience
  • Molecular Biology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Integrated Engineering
  • Military Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
Patent LawMedicinePharmaceuticalsChemistry (Chemist)
EthnobotanyTechnical WritingOceanographyEnvironmental Science
Environmental LawGovernment PolicyBiotechnologySoftware Design
Forensic ScienceSpace ExplorationMetallurgyPaper Industry
Ceramics IndustryPlastics IndustryTeachingChemical Engineer
AgrochemistryAqua ScienceAgricultureMilitary Systems
AstronomyMeteorologySeismologyForensic Science
GeochemistryGeologyPaleontologyPlant Pathology and Photonics
PaleontologyFood Technology


Commerce is a trade cum business-related subject of study which deals in every activity and procedure involved in any commercial corporation at any level. Therefore, there is a lot of scope in this field to pursue as a career option, after completing academic education.

Career-based Study Scope

If you intend to choose Commerce as your core subject during high school, it will let you follow a career-based study on any of the following: Banking, Finance, Broking, Tax Practitioner, Planning, Accountancy, etc. 

Business Students

Career Scope

Here are some of the career options for Commerce students:

  • Cost and Work Accountancy
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Company Secretaryship
Banking and Marketing
  • Investment Banking
  • Capital Marketing
  • Market Research
Administration and Management 
  • Business Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Insurance
  • Media/Mass Communication
  • Law

Humanities (Arts)

Humanities is the stream of an academic discipline that involves the study of ‘Human Condition’ by employing methodologies that are generally conjectural, evaluative, or critical.

One of the many advantages of choosing this stream after 10th grade is you get a legion of career scope which is less academic and more practical or vocational. 

Arts Student

Career Scope

Here are some career scope for Arts students:

AnthropologyArchaeologyFashion DesigningCartography
GeographerEconomistHeritage ManagementPolitical Science
WritingCivil ServicesLibrary ManagementSocial Service
SociologyPsychologyPerforming ArtsTeaching
PhilosophyLinguisticsPopulation ScienceMass Communication
Fine ArtsResearchHospitality IndustryTravel & Tourism
LawHistorianInterior Designing

How to Choose Among Science, Commerce, and Arts?

First of all, self assess your interest and aptitude. Discussion with friends and family and other co-curricular may be helpful in this regard. Seeking psychometric help through certified career guidance counselors should be kept as an alternative option in the decision-making process.

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It is always better and safer to decide on a career plan that encompasses at least 3 to 4 career options. Don’t go for the one that the majority goes for. Nobody knows your weakness and strength in a particular subject/stream better than you. Take the one that suits your aptitude. Explore different career choices, discover new possibilities that could intrigue you to take up a stream, stick to it, and proceed further in your career.

Value the advice of your parents and other elders, who know you well. Sometimes the insights of elders in the field of work are quite practical and truer. Lastly, it is ultimately your decision based on which the path to your career will be built. So, don’t be in haste while choosing your stream.

What if You Have Chosen a Wrong Trade?

It often happens that a student is unable to recognize his/her abilities and thereby, end up going for a wrong stream selection. In such a case, stream alternation is still possible, if it is only a few months after you realized the fact of having chosen a wrong stream. That means you can change the stream within the first few months of getting promoted to 11th grade. On the contrary, if your realization is too late, that is after completing the examination of class 11, then stream changing could be difficult.

Summing Up

Whichever stream (Science/ Commerce/ Arts) you choose, make sure to do the above needfuls. In the end, every subject is valuable and can make your career better, only if you are capable and determined enough to take the lead. Good Luck!

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