Essential Steps to Convert AVI Format to MP4 Format

Movies and music are very big entertainment for us in today’s world. Music files are saved with the extensions like mp3, WAV etc in different devices. As like it, movies are also saved in formats like mp4, m4v, m4b AVI, etc. For each and every file format there are corresponding devices to be stored. The most commonly used file formats are AVI and mp4. Let’s have a brief description of these two file extensions and the steps to convert AVI to MP4.

AVI vs MP4

What Are AVI And MP4?


It is generally expanded as Audio Video Interleave. It is a multimedia container format. This file is capable of containing both audio and video data in a file container. Due to the handling of audio and video in the same file container, it allows synchronous audio- with -video playback.


It is a digital multimedia container format which is used to store video and audio. Additionally, it can also store other data such as subtitles and images. It allows streaming over the internet as like most of the modern container format. It is an open format and it is extended from the QuickTime File Format and MP.

How to Convert AVI to MP4?

Steps to convert AVI to MP4 are listed below:

  • Video Converter should be installed

Open the file and install the program in the installation file which is followed by the onscreen instructions. Movavi video converter has a simple and intuitive English interface, so it can be used easily for converting AVI and other video formats.

  • Choose the file to be converted

Click Add Media in the top left corner of the page. A submenu will be opened on that page. Click Add video that is needed to be converted to MP4 format.

  • If needed edit the clip

If we click the edit button in the window, a submenu will be opened with the options like stabilization, audio, adjustments, effects, subtitles, and watermarks. This editing operation is optional, if the user needs it, then they can perform the editing operation before the conversion.

  • If needed , compress MP4 files

Compress the MP4 files that are already in the system for free storage. If we have enough space in the system, then this process is not needed to be done.

  • Choose the corresponding format

In the window go to the video tab, and find the AVI group and select AVI preset to convert the file into MP4 format.

  • Create an output folder and start converting

Select the folder in which we want to place the file that is converted. After choosing the folder, click convert option to convert AVI to MP4. The process can take several minutes to convert the appropriate file format.

Finally, after the completion of above mentioned process, the AVI file is converted to MP4 file format.

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