What to know about CoolSculpting treatment in Toronto before Opting?

If you are hovering over this site, one may assume you have been hit by the bug of medical aesthetics that is propagating in the Canadian medical domain. From the basics of laser hair removal to medical spa treatments to the recent obsession with CoolSculpting (controlled cooling treatment applied for treating fat wherein the fat cells are frozen and eliminated from the body) – you want to know it all! In fact, the global medical aesthetics industry has seen a significant rise, with the value pitched at $621.23 billion (2021).

With celebs like Sarah Michelle Geller propagating this body contouring treatment as one of the best, especially when put in tandem with regular workouts – it is time you check out what this ‘magic squeezing and freezing’ is all about and what the costs involved in the same.


How does CoolSculpting work on your body?

Assuming you wish to have a better idea about cryolipolysis (patented under the name CoolSculpting) and are looking into clinics and professionals offering CoolSculpting treatment in Toronto, let’s guide you from the beginning –

The concept of cryolipolysis (fat freeze treatment) has been in the medical domain for over a decade, with the FDA granting it a formal status in 2010. It has been garnering popularity since 2015 and is currently ranked as one of the safest non-invasive fat removal procedures (leaving liposuction far behind).

Repeating the technicalities, when following the cryolipolysis treatment, a particular part of the body where the fat is excess (eg: thigh, abdomen, love handles, hips, bra bulges, chin area, the area under the buttocks) is taken up, and exposed to extreme cold (from an external applicator). The fat cells crystallize (more prone to the effects of cold), and the damaged fat cells slowly break down and are eliminated from the body.

Now, when those fat cells are eliminated from the body (while the other tissues surrounding it remain untouched), the body recognizes the same and quickens its response to tighten the rest of the tissues. Therefore, after the first treatment itself, you will notice a significant 20-30% loss of fat.

Again, you must remember that when a treatment says ‘immediate results, ’ it means a couple of weeks (3-4 weeks minimum). With time, the immune system of your body clears out the fat content, and you will notice the area trimmed. Also, even when there is an addition of fat (which is again natural over time), the amount of fat will be lower compared to previous times.

Why has it become so popular with time?

There are multiple reasons for its popularity over time. Let’s see what makes it one of the most-opted body contouring formats –

  • It is non-invasive with almost no downtime. Once the procedure is over, you can get back to your normal course of life, minus any restrictions.
  • The net cost starts from $750/hour and could go up to $6000/hour (depending on time and procedure).
  • It is a permanent solution with no chance of fat replenishment over time.

Who should have it and who must avoid it?

If you are someone who has tried the usual – diet and exercise regimen with no avail, then after you have consulted your medical professional, you may opt for the CoolSculpting technique. Despite all your labor, do you still have – loose skin and poor skin tone, or certain physical conditions such as cryoglobulinemia, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, cold urticaria, or Raynaud’s problem? Then CoolSculpting can be your way out!

However, in case you are pregnant or nursing, have obesity issues, have nervous and skin problems (lesions and rashes), or are cold-prone – then it is better to look for alternatives since CoolSculpting can accelerate other medical issues for you.

Therefore, you must get all the required medical clearances both from your medical officer and the concerned CoolSculpting professional before undergoing this treatment.

Are there any risks involved?

From what has been noted as of now – The CoolSculpting technique is a safe, non-invasive procedure with no prominent risks involved. The most common side-effects you may have are – sore skin, pulling and tugging of it due to sudden exposure to cold, or mild to moderate pain.

However, less than 1% have a chance of getting paradoxical fat hyperplasia wherein the number of fat cells in that area increases instead of decreasing (a case that happened to former supermodel Linda Evangelista). But for the record, it happens due to an underlying genetic issue or lineage (Hispanics are prone to having untoward reactions) and is treatable.

What to remember before you choose a professional?

Before you opt for a professional or a clinic, here are some specifics that you must check –

1. Check the certifications and the licenses –

As an aware customer looking for CoolSculpting treatment in Toronto, you must check the certificates and practice licenses of the concerned professional or the clinic. The parties associated with this process are also bound by the associated clinical laws to show their client the required documents.

2. Who are the supervisors?

The next thing you must check is the qualification of the concerned supervisors. This procedure must be conducted under the strict supervision of a trained medical officer. As an aware customer, and you will have to be concerned about the same.

3. What is the level of training required?

Another aspect that you must check is the level of training of the concerned service providers. How many surgeries have they conducted? What is their level of proficiency? What is their track record? These are some of the common queries to which you must get answers before finalizing.

4. Check the variety of applicators

There are multiple FDA-approved applicators for fat removal from different parts of the body. You will have to check the applicator that suits your requirement.

3. The sanitization of the area

In fact, this process could take from a minimum of 35 minutes to somewhere between 100-120 minutes. During this period, your body will be exposed, and staying in the post-pandemic era is crucial that you check out the hygiene levels of that clinic or the area in which your procedure will be conducted. Ensure that it is a safe zone.

CoolSculpting is here to stay

With the popularity peaking out of the roof and the success rate being predicted well – CoolSculpting is here to stay. If you, too, wish to contour your ideal body, you could very well opt for this treatment. Assuredly, with all conditions at hand – you will be blessed with positive results.

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