How to Create & Restore Full Backup of Your PC With EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0

Backing up the whole system, you files, partitions is the best way to avoid the horrible data disasters. Data loss can happen anytime and due to any reason like accidental deletion, system crash, virus attack etc. It can cause you huge loss by wiping out all your important files. But it’s totally up to you how to handle the situation even before the data loss happens.

So, for protecting the data and system against the mage, people prefer to keep the backup which can be recovered in case of loss of data. You can easily create backups with the help of a good data backup and recovery software. EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 is one of the best data backup and recovery software which you can download for Windows OS.

What Is EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0

EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 is a PC/laptop data backup software which protects your system and data against damage and gets everything recovered fast when disasters occur. It helps you to create easy backups of system files, partitions, and disks so that you can recover them in case of data loss, system crash, virus attack etc. Other than creating backups, EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 also offers several other features too including setting password to the backups, system/partition cloning, etc.

How To Setup And Use EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0

Setting EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 is pretty easy. If you wanna try the software first, simply download the trial version or just purchase the full version and download it.

Once the software is downloaded, install and launch it. The interface of the software is neat and clean. It is modern and user-friendly. You won’t find any distracting module in the software as it only contains the required controls and modules. It also doesn’t need you to get the help of an IT expert as you can handle it on your own. The dashboard contains a toggle button available at the top left corner. When you click this button it will provide you with all the features and the functions which you can perform. With EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0, you can perform the below functions.

Create Partition Backup

The first thing you can do using EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 is to create the partition backup. If you want to create the partition backup so that you can preserve all your data to use in case of data loss or any other emergency then you can create partition backup with ease using this tool.

For the same, click on the toggle button and then select partition backup menu item. It will show you all the partitions available on your system. Click the partition that needs to be backed up. Select a single partition or all the partitions available. After that, choose the destination folder where you need to save the backup. You can even enter some description for the backup. There are some other backup options that you can find by clicking the backup options button available at the bottom.

You can also sleep, hibernate or shutdown the backup process anytime. And if you have changed your mind then cancel the backup process.

System Backup

Want to create the backup of your whole system? Well, EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 has covered that too. It lets you create the system backup without any hassle. Create the system backup without even causing a breakdown to the system. For doing this, select the system backup option in EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0, select the backup options like destination path, description, backup encryption etc. and then finally hit the proceed button. If you don’t want to create the backup at the current time, then simply schedule it for later so that, it can automatically create the backup.

File Backup

Not only the system backup but EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 also allows you to create the file backup. Create the backup of all kinds of files. When you select the file backup option, the software lets you browse or sort the files by type. If you want to backup only image file then select the image option only or you can choose all the file types including emails, picture, video, document, music, financial etc. You can also find the particular files by browsing them from the file explorer.

Email Backup

If you get all your business emails in your Outlook or have some other important emails, then backing up them is quite necessary so that you can recover the content whenever needed. EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 has a feature which offers you to backup all the content of the mailbox or the selected folders only. But you get this feature of the full version of the software as free version doesn’t offer the access to it.

Backup Protection

If you need to protect your backup so that no one else can get access to it then, EaseUs Todo Backup Home allows you to set a password to the backups. You can apply encryption to any kind of backup. The only thing you need to do is to click the backup option when creating the backup and under encryption option and set the password for the backup.

Clone Your Disk/Partition

Not only for creating the back but EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 also good for cloning the disk/partition. It will help you when you need to upgrade your HDD and copy the whole content to other lone. You can clone MBR disk to GPT disk, GPT disk to MBR disk, or HDD to SSD etc.

System Clone

Cloning the whole system is also possible with this tool. You can migrate OS to SSD or HDD or transfer OS from one SSD to another.

Other Functions

  • EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 lets you to backup to the external device, FTP server, NAS, hard drive, network shared location, DVD, etc.
  • Schedule the backups based on specific events or time and even control the plans by logs, email notes, and real-time graphs.
  • One of the best features of this backup and recovery software is that you can even start the EaseUs Todo from the boot menu when your system fails to start and recover the whole system from there.
  • Managing all the backups and automatic deletion of outdated backup is also provided.
  • It is compatible with GPT/UEFP and lets you to Create a WinPE-based bootable media for 64-bit Windows system resided on GPT to start up PC recovery from it.

Data Recovery

Not only for backing up the partitions, disks, system, files etc. but EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 is also known for its ability to restore the backup. You can recover the partition, system, file backup with ease using this software. You can even recover the system image of one computer to another with dissimilar hardware.


EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 is an amazing data backup software with efficient features. It contains all the required features and functions you may need when creating backups and restoring them. The other features like backup encryption are great for protecting your backup form the other. The free version is enough to test the software and the full version costs you only $29. WIth all these great feature, EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 is well worth the money.

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