20 Names for Baby Girls That You’ll Fall in Love With

Don’t you think baby girl names should be more stylish and profound than boy’s names?

If you are expecting a baby girl soon, congrats, it is excellent news to share with everyone!

Now, the biggest challenge will be naming her as it may end up perplexing you when you will check out the deluge of collections. So, to pick the best out of numerous incredible baby girl names, CocoFinder has narrowed down the list by providing the top 20 outstanding names!

Well, every baby girl is unique and a pure epitome of love and endearment. Therefore, such a sparse soul deserves only an unrivaled name to capture the elegance within.

20 Cute and Lovely Baby Girl Names

If you are in search of trendy names for your little kiddo, these will be top-notch girl names from CocoFinder that you will love indeed.

Let’s dive right into the top 20 names.

1. Iris

Your baby girl must be an embodiment of power, source, and love! That’s why the name ‘Iris’ will be the best fit, as it means ‘rainbow.’ It has emerged from Greek roots and is based on Greek mythology; Iris was a beautiful goddess of the rainbow.

2. Violet

The charming and mesmerizing color ‘Violet’ always enchants everyone, and that’s why the name too! It is delicate and sweet but far from shrinking. A high-profile parent’s Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, have opted for this name for their prettiest daughter.

3. Hazel

The name ‘Hazel’ is surely a top-notch girl name that you will love due to its cute meaning, ‘the hazelnut tree.’ The term was previously derived from the ancient English hæsel, which also holds the corresponding meaning. However, a wand of ‘Hazel’ personified authority and protection.

4. Nora

The name ‘Nora’ possesses two ancient roots of Greek and Irish. Being a superior derivative of ‘Eleanor’ and ‘Honora,’ the shorter version gets immense recognition among girls’ parents. Every newborn girl is a source of light to their parents; that’s what ‘Nora’ means!

5. Lyra

‘Lyra’ is a leading constellation name derived from the ‘lyre of Orepheus.’ It consists of the major star Vega, and that’s how it has become a melodic option for the parents, inclined to music, mythology, or astronomy. In Greek mythology, Lyra means ‘lyre.’

6. Seraphina

This sweet and charming name, ‘Seraphina,’ becomes the highly searched name among USA parents, destined for massive popularity. In Hebrew, it means ‘fiery’ or ‘ardent.’ However, the six-winged seraphim and the popular angels accredited the most lovable name ‘Seraphina.’

7. Delilah

The name ‘Deliah’ has discarded the blemish of its Biblical picture and is now significantly appreciated for its melodic, appalling, and feminine qualities. It has ranked the most lovable and popular name in the USA in Hebrew, meaning ‘delicate.’

8. Adelaide

The German-originated term ‘Adelaide’ is now upscaling in its popularity. It is because of its offshoots, like ‘Ada,’ ‘Ava,’ and ‘Audrey.’ The famous actress Katherine Heigl has chosen this name for her second daughter, which means ‘generosity,’ or ‘noble.’

9. Clementine

The name ‘Clementine’ is one of the best-in-class girl names that you will love, which means ‘merciful’ or ‘mild.’ In a nutshell, it is a cute baby girl name, which is a top-notch French feminine version of Clement in Latin.

10. Jane

It will not be okay to consider ‘Jane’ too plain because this English-originated name has a dulcet meaning, ‘the God is gracious.’ Moreover, the name packs with an incredible amount of punch when considering its counterparts Joan and Jean.

11. Mabel

This trendy and lovable name, ‘Mabel,’ will be a sassy Victorian favorite searching for its place in contemporary life; if you prefer offbeat names like Josephine. Its origin showcases that it is the diminutive of Amabel, which means ‘lovable.’   

12. Eliza

Such a unique and lovable name, ‘Eliza,’ was derived from Hebrew as a powerful derivative of the long name ‘Elizabeth.’ Apart from its resemblance to ‘Aliza,’ which means ‘cheerful,’ the two are not so related!

13. Daisy

Wholesome, Daisy, and reviving are some of the cutest flower names that appeared again in the scenario after a century’s seclusion. It is a powerful derivative of Margaret or the sweetest flower name, from English, which means ‘day’s eyes.’

14. Clover

The name ‘Clover’ is a perky and elegant choice if you want something lovable for your baby girls, like Lily and Rose. From ancient English, it means ‘key.’

15. Florence

The name ‘Florence’ might be neglected for some periods but has come back with a bang, which means ‘prosperous’ or ‘flourishing.’ It becomes an absolute darling name due to its floral feel and connection to a popular place name.   

baby girl

16. Elowen

An amazing contemporary Cornish name is swiftly elevating the spark in the states: even producing various offshoots like ‘Elowynn’ and ‘Elowyn.’ After recuperation of the Cornish language, the name appears again, and it means ‘elm.’

17. Remi

This elegant and adorable name ‘Remi’ originated from French, where it means ‘Oarsman.’ It is gradually acquiring momentum after it enters the USA’s top 1000 baby girl names.

18. Eve

The name ‘Eve’ is the most ancient name in the book, rapidly recouping its lost style. Its morals of purity and simplicity showcase its powerful meaning, which is ‘life.’ The Hebrew-originated name ‘Eve’ will be a good pick for your little doll.

19. Valentina

This lovable name ‘Valentina’ is a popular girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning ‘health’ or ‘strength.’ You must know the first woman who traveled space, the renowned Valentina Tereshkova.

20. Eleanor

Some people think of ‘Eleanor’ as a major variation of Helen via Ellen, which emerged from the English variation of French, which means ‘unknown.’ Have you heard of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine? So, you can think by yourself how popular and how lovable the name could be! 


Are you still looking for some precious names for your baby girls? The aforementioned top 20 lists include the best doll’s name, whom you can effectively choose without any dilemma.

Naming your cute girl is the biggest decision you will make as a parent-to-be! It is hoped that one of these names will surely allow you to pick out anyone based on your tradition and preference.      

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