DoCoMo All USSD Codes List To Know DoCoMo Balance, Offers, Plans & More

TATA DoCoMo is a major mobile operator in India. It is well-known for its awesome services and flexible plans. DoCoMo releases lots of amazing plans that only a few people are able to enjoy. But, if you are an old user of DoCoMo, you should not them. Not only that, you should have knowledge of all the special services, plans, packs that DoCoMo release frequently so that you can enjoy all of them.

The easiest way to do this is to use Tata DoCoMo USSD Codes list. TATA DoCoMo has launched many special codes to provide its customer quick access to all available plans and features.

These USSD Codes allow you to quickly subscribe to any desired service or purchase any special plan without going to anywhere else. Today I am listing down all the available TATA Docomo USSD Codes through the table below.

The TATA DoCoMo USSD Codes table contain DoCoMo USSD Codes to know balance, DoCoMo USSD Codes to know your own number, DoCoMo USSD Codes for data recharges, DoCoMo USSD Codes for rate cutters, DoCoMo USSD Codes for night packs, DoCoMo USSD Codes for voice calls, DoCoMo USSD Codes for Roaming packs, DoCoMo USSD Codes for special services, DoCoMo USSD Codes for news/cricket updates and more.

List of all TATA DoCoMo USSD Codes

This is the list of all important TATA DoCoMo USSD Codes which you can use by just dialing and making a call to them using your DoCoMo SIM card. So, select any desired service’s USSD code and dial it to activate the specified service. You should either bookmark this article or save the below table to keep all these TATA DoCoMo USSD Codes available whenever required.

Tata DoCoMo Settings Name

USSD Codes

TATA Docomo Balance Check Code *111#
TATA Docomo Check 2G/3G Internet (Docomo Balance Check) *111*1#
Activate new services or Internet Packs *141#
TATA Docomo Last 3 recharges Check Code *191#
TATA Docomo Balance Enquiry Check Code *191*2#
TATA Docomo Validity CheckCode *191*3#
TATA Docomo Service Check Code *191*4#
TATA Docomo Last 3 recharges Check Code *191*5#
TATA Docomo Start/Stop Sevices Check Code *191*7#
TATA Docomo Service Request Check Code *191*8#
TATA Docomo Daily SMS Count Code *191*9*3#
TATA Docomo Daily Data Check Check Code *191*9*4#
TATA Docomo Daily Call Check Check Code *191*9*5#
TATA Docomo Prepaid Bill Request Check Code *191*9*6#
TATA Docomo Special Offers Code *191*9*8#
TATA Docomo GPRS Net Packs Check Code *141*4#
TATA Docomo Discount Zone code *141*8#
TATA Docomo Unlimited Music Code *141*6#
TATA Docomo 3G Internet Packs Check Code (Docomo Balance Check) *141*1#

Tata DoCoMo Other Important USSD Codes

Tata Docomo USSD code to check Pool balance (Docomo Balance Check) *191*6#
Tata Docomo USSD code for local flavor: *141*2#
ILD packs Tata Docomo USSD code: *141*3#
Tata Docomo USSD code for daily/weekly/monthly offers *141*5#
Tata Docomo USSD code for activate chat: *141*7#
Tata Docomo talk time service offers Tata Docomo USSD code: *141*9#
Tata Docomo customer care number USSD code 121 or 198
Tata Docomo recharge your mobile number Tata Docomo USSD code *135*2*#
Tata Docomo USSD code for DND Activation (do not disturb) 1909
Tata Docomo USSD code for to know your Tata Docomo mobile number *1# or *580# or*124#
Tata Docomo loan USSD code *444# or *369#
Tata Docomo SMS pack USSD code
Tata Docomo USSD code for special offers *191*9*8#
Tata Docomo Toll-Free Customer Care Number for Complains 198

All the above-provided DoCoMo USSD Codes are working perfectly till now. So, if you find any issue, please comments below to let us know about it. Also, if you know any new TATA Docomo USSD code then please don’t hesitate to suggest it through the comments section below.

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