E-Invitation is the New Trend, Explore it with InVideo!

The digital age has long arrived and now has taken over every aspect of our life, including event invites. While paper invitations are still considered classy, many are opting for e-invitations over the traditional format for many reasons. From wedding announcements to birthdays or event invites, e-invitations are being sent everywhere for RSVPs.

Most of the other aspects of an event, say, travel, registries, stay, and food and beverage can be arranged online. So, why should the invitations be left behind? In the last 10 years, the chaos of traditional event planning has slowly but steadily transitioned on to the digital space. It finally time to get onboard with e-invitations when organizing events.


How can InVideo Help You with E-Invitations?

There are different types of e-invitations and different ways of sending them. For example, drafting a quick wedding invitation and mailing it to all friends and family is one of the simplest forms of e-invitations. However, if you want to dazzle people and want them to appreciate how beautiful and unique your wedding invite is, go for video e-invitations.

This is where InVideo comes in to help you. We are a premium online video making software, where you can choose from thousands of beautiful templates, stock videos and photos, and text styles to create an e-invitation of your liking. Our readymade video templates come in various sizes tailor-made to look great on the digital platform.

Whether it is a wedding announcement, a music launch, or an invitation for a corporate event, InVideo has a template for all occasions. Bedazzle your guests by creating dynamic video invites with InVideo.

Why Choose InVideo Over Other Online Video Making Softwares?

Running low on time but got to create a stunning e-invitation for your event?

InVideo e invitation templates cater to all kinds of invitees. Get the details of your event out with InVideo invitation maker. There are numerous benefits of collaborating with us to create exquisite video e-invitations. Here are some:

  • Create e-invitations by just dragging and dropping content on the template. You don’t need prior experience in video making to do the same on InVideo.
  • Our online library contains more than 3 million stock footage for the creators to use while making the e-invitations.
  • It is natural for you to have questions or doubts regarding our software, which is why we provide 24×7 customer support to all our patrons.
  • We also provide automated text-to-speech features.
  • InVideo users can choose from more than 1200 readymade templates to create their video e-invitation for wedding announcements, birthday bashes, corporate events, product launches, conferences, and more
  • Add automated voiceover to your e-invitation with InVideo

Why are E-Invitations So Popular?

E-invitation has captured the market and the attention thanks to the many advantages that come with it. First of all, there are myriad options to choose from while making an e-invitation for wedding announcements or corporate bashes. Secondly, you can personalize and customer the invite and put in all the details that you want.

For example, wedding announcements are the most popular e-invitation in the market right now. With InVideo, you can add personal details in the e-invitation like a short personal message, a poem, or photos of you and your partner. You can flaunt your love story all you want when making a video wedding announcement to let the world know how much you two love each other.

Here are some of the reasons why the people of the 21st century love to send e-invitations instead of the traditional ones made with paper.

Wide Range of Options Available:

Once you start searching in the InVideo stock library, you will find several stunning save the date templates and impeccable designs. From choosing the text style to the background color and voice-over – you can customize everything with InVideo. This is a chance to not only invite people but also showcase your creativity.

Cost of E-Invitations:

You can make video e-invitations on InVideo for free as compared to the hundreds of dollars you would have to shell out for getting paper invites printed and mailed to the invitees. If you are operating on a tight budget, then e-invitations are for you.

E-Invitations are Environment-Friendly:

Think of all the paper you would save by creating e-invitations. Instead of printing hundreds of individual paper cards and envelopes, everything would be easily managed by one charming video invite containing all the details like names, dates, venue, and how to RSVP.

Easier To RSVP:

It’s much easier to RSVP on e-invitations as compared to traditional invites. You have to reply to the email or click yes on the Facebook Invite containing the video invite.  In this way, neither the host nor the invitee will have to wait for days to get an answer and can make necessary arrangements.

E-Invitations are Customizable:

Did we mention that e-invitations can be customized or personalized quite easily?

InVideo invitation maker allows the user to customize the template to their liking. You can unleash your creativity in designing your online invitation. Pick fun images or videos to feature on the invitations or experiment with background colors or text styles. Forget the mundane and boring invitations and get jazzy with InVideo.

Updating the Calenders is Easy:

Whether you are sending the e-invitations through Facebook invite or sending an email, syncing the event date with the phone calendar is a breeze. It is safe to say that everyone uses a smartphone these days. So, as soon as the guests RSVP, they can sync the event to their online calendars to stay updated about any kind of changes taking place.

For example, if the date or venue of the event conveyed in the wedding announcements mailed earlier, changes then the information can be conveyed to the invitees with a few clicks. The information, subsequently, will be updated in the calendar automatically.

Want to learn more about how to create video wedding announcements and e-invitations? Check out InVideo today.