How to Earn Cash in GTA Online: The 5 Best Ways

Every player of GTA online needs some extra cash to have an advantage over rivals. Also, the game requires constant progress, and money is one of the important things that boost the advancement of the gaming process. You will definitely need additional money to purchase weapons and vehicles. Here you can find some useful tips on how to play GTA online and earn extra money at the same time.

GTA online

Vehicle and Special Cargo

This method is the best appropriate for the solo player. Special and vehicle cargo require to have an office building and warehouses with a vehicle. At first, it may seem too pricy, but you will get your money back really quickly. Also, you should collect different vehicles to fill the warehouse with middle range and unique standard cars. This method provides an opportunity to earn money by doing additional tasks between jobs. In GTA online, vehicle cargo can help to get $300k per hour potential profit. Finally, every mission will result in top range cars you will be able to export and get a maximum profit.

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VIP Work

VIP work is one more way to earn additional money while playing a game. This method will be a great choice for those gamers who want to get some cash and maximize the playing time. In the interaction menu, you can choose “VIP Work” and start a free mission to complete. We recommend searching for a GTA online tutorial on the websites like Insider.Games to find some tips on how to complete these missions fast and effectively. For instance, the actual GTA Online tutorial by Insider.Games shares the best tips on how to finish VIP missions and earn extra money.

Time Trials

Time Trials have a lot in common with VIP work. A gamer will be able to complete new trials each week. First of all, you should know for sure how to play GTA online with all its specificities and unique game features because time trials require great driving skills and attentiveness, as well as precise control to overcome all tricky maneuvres. These time trials can help you to get $50k per hour potential profit. Also, these missions help improve some gaming skills. So, you don’t only earn extra cash quickly but also become a better player simultaneously.


Heists are appropriate mostly for a “multi-player” mode. If you have friends in GTA online, you can ask them to join heists and earn extra money. Before starting this mission, make sure that all of you have enough skills to finish everything quickly. Also, you will need to buy some pricy facilities to make everything done efficiently. The better skills you have, the more cash you will get after completing the heist. As for the amount of money, GTA Online today: Points and Coins can help you to find out how many coins you can get thanks to this mission.


The nightclub is the best choice for those players who want to have a passive profit for approximately $40k per hour. First of all, you need to have warehouse technicians to be assigned to different goods. Then, these technicians will work to acquire various goods on their own. You will be able to use these items at the nightclub building area and get additional profit after selling them during delivery missions. We recommend coming across all the basic features of the game. Before starting the business, you should know everything about how to play GTA online and own some business before starting to make money on nightclubs.

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