Keep a Level Head Betting Online

As more and more people are now choosing to stay at home and gamble online, rather than take any risks with the current situation being what it is regarding the pandemic, all gambling site operators are reporting a massive jump in the number of customers they have signing up to their online and mobile betting platforms.

That may be something you have started to do yourself, however, always keep in the back of your mind there is always going to be the very real risk of you starting to experience gambling problems when betting online, and you will be best advised to always keep a sane and level head when you do start betting in that environment.

That is actually something that can be quite easy to do these days, for the UK Gambling Commission have taken some big and bold steps recently regarding responsible gambling and have ordered all their license holders to put in place a diverse range of tools and system that gamblers logged into those sites are feely able to make use of.

Betting Online

There is a way that you can quickly self-exclude yourself from not just one UK licensed gambling and betting site but every single one of them, and that is by you heading on over to and then signing up to the GamStop scheme.

That is something of a major problem for those who do want to stop betting online, for all that someone needs to do, even if they are on GamStop is to hunt down on of the growing number of sports betting sites not on GamStop and then sign up to them.

As for just what those responsible gambling tools are, well if you ever feel your gambling is getting out of control and you would like to take a break then that is one option you can take and by doing so your account will be temporarily locked and you can also now choose your own deposit limits as well to ensure you do not continue to make deposits when you are losing. 

Self-Exclusion Always a Possibility 

That is a service that the UK Gambling Commission has told each of its license holders they must become part of, and as such when you do add your name onto that register you will find those sites then close any accounts you have with them and will not give you access to them either.

Plus, as an added bonus so to speak when you are trying to give up gambling you will not be permitted to open a new account at any of the sites that are part of that scheme either in the future, this immediately cutting off those sites to you.

As that service is quick and cost free too you really do have no excuses not to sign up to it, but also do keep in mind it can be and is a long and often hard journey you will go on when you do want to stop gambling altogether,

With that in mind do make yourself aware of the many additional help and support groups that are also available to you right now as well as they can and will be happy to help and support you when you are giving up gambling. 

GamStop Self-Exclusion Register Problems

Whilst there is no doubt in my mind that when you do sign up to GamStop, you are very quickly going to find that you will not be able to access any betting sites that are located in the UK and have been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, there are of course plenty of sites licensed in other places that are still available to you.

If you then attempt to locate every single betting site not licensed in the UK you are going to find that turns into a never ending task, and something you may just not have the inclination to do, and therefore what I would urge you to actively set about doing is using a betting site blocking piece of software.

There are quite a number of them available and when you make use of any of them you simply download and install them for example on your laptop or even your smart phone and when you try logging onto any betting site, no matter where it happens to be located or licensed you will be instantly denied access to those sites, so that is something you certainly should be looking to make use of.

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