The Busy Gentleman’s Guide to An Effortless Grooming Routine

If the thought of a grooming routine has you feeling a bit dazed and confused, you’re not alone. More and more brands are coming out with special lines targeted at men and keeping up with all of them isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have time to spend an hour on grooming before leaving for work every day.

But don’t worry, you can look sharp and put together even with minimum effort, as long as you learn how to streamline your grooming routine and find the key products that work for you.


Find a good barber and stick to him

Unless you’re trying to grow out your hair, you’ll need a haircut about once a month to maintain your hairstyle and avoid that unkempt, scruffy look. But for many men, the idea of getting a haircut alone can be stressful, simply because they’re worried about how they’ll look like when they exit the barbershop.

Why? Because they haven’t found the perfect barber. If you want your hair to look its best, choosing a good barber is just as important as choosing a good dentist or car mechanic. It should be someone who is obviously good at their job, but also someone who takes the time to get used to your hair type and preferences. Once you find that someone, you won’t want to delay appointments anymore and leaving the barber chair will no longer give you anxiety.

And yes, a subscription at the best barber in town is more expensive but you’ll feel much better knowing that you’re in good hands.

Welcome moisturizer & SPF into your routine

Just because the beauty industry has been targeting skincare products at women for decades doesn’t mean men shouldn’t take care of their skin. In fact, men are just as prone as women to develop acne and other skin conditions, and environmental damage such as pollution and UV rays can cause just as many wrinkles.

To keep your skin looking healthy and line-free for longer, invest in a good moisturizer for your skin type: normal, dry, oily, or acne-prone. You can choose products from a line that’s created specifically for men if that makes it easier for you but, as a general rule, good skincare is unisex and you don’t have to limit yourself to a handful of products.

When you’re going out during the day, don’t forget to apply a layer of SPF too. UVA damage from the sun is the main cause of premature aging, not to mention skin cancer, so taking a few seconds in the morning for this extra step is a small price to pay.

The right shampoo can make your life better

According to the American Hair Loss Association, about two-thirds of American men will have thinning hair by the age of 35 and 85% have bald batches by the time they reach 50. These figures don’t paint a very happy picture and it doesn’t exactly come as a surprise that 43% of men have a fear of going bald.

Growing hair back after it’s fallen off can be problematic and not even implants have a 100% success rate. But don’t worry, you’re not completely powerless, because there are special shampoos you can use to prevent thinning hair and keep your hair thick and strong for longer.

Hair thickening shampoo for men contains special ingredients such as caffeine, proteins, and vitamins, which nourish the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles. Of course, it’s important to use these shampoos regularly. You’ll probably see a noticeable improvement after a couple of uses but if you want to prevent male pattern baldness for as long as possible, you’ll need to use thickening shampoo for months, even years.

Don’t worry if you have a specific hair or scalp issue in addition to thinning hair, such as dryness, itchy scalp, oiliness, or dandruff. Most professional brands have separate lines for each hair type, so you won’t have to compromise on a hair issue to fix another.

Upgrade your razor

75% of men use razors every day. For many, it’s as natural as brushing their teeth. However, shaving also happens to be one of the most disliked rituals. Why? Because of razor bumps. Razor bumps are such a common problem that most of us have just accepted it as a natural part of shaving, but it’s not. Razor bumps are first and foremost a dermatological issue and, by upgrading your razor, you can get rid of razor bumps and enjoy smooth skin with no compromises.

Using a low-quality razor that scratches your skin and makes you come back to the same spot several times causes micro lesions that can later develop into ingrown hairs or acne-looking bumps. Needless to say, it will also make your face feel very itchy and uncomfortable throughout the day, affecting your self-confidence.

To get rid of this problem, replace your old razor with a brand new, high-quality, single-blade one. That’s right, single blade. Even if multi-blade razors are intensely advertised these days, more isn’t always better and professional barbers recommend single blades if you’re prone to razor bumps. The problem with using multiple blades is that only the first one does the shaving, while the rest only scratch at the top layer of the skin, causing those painful bumps.

For added protection and smoothness, always follow up with an aftershave balm. This will close the pores, lock in moisture, and keep your face smooth throughout the day.

And, last, but not least, always practice good personal hygiene. No matter how busy the day ahead may be, take the time for a shower, brushing your teeth, and trimming your nails. You don’t necessarily need the most expensive suit or designer watch to make a good impression. Start with these basics and you’ll turn into the best version of yourself.

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