Expert tips to clear your JEE in first attempt

The JEE examinations are occurring nearby. You are going to see the best minds in the country working really hard for some top-notch colleges and their placements. Of course, these competitive examinations are never easy and JEE is one of those difficult exams that only rare students tend to clear on the first attempt. However, most of you are curious to know how to do so and get a placement in a top-notch college in the country as soon as possible. So here are some tips that will help you clear your JEE exams on the first attempt.

JEE Exam

  • Create a schedule and follow it regularly — To ensure that you are dividing your time efficiently with all the topics in the JEE examination, you have to create a study schedule. See to it that you are dedicating a day or two to each of the subjects and following this schedule very religiously. Also, remember to not only dedicate time lot for studying the subjects, but this includes practising them and examining your knowledge with the mock tests as well.
  • Practise a lot — Practicing the subjects leave a lot of room for revision while preparing for the JEE exams. You can start with the exercises and practice sets after each of the chapters. Next, solve the previous year’s question papers like JEE main 2019 question paper and other online tests that further helps you get ready for the exams in a more practical way. With the JEE main 2019 question paper, you also get an idea as to how to manage your time effectively for the exams. It also helps you build your confidence in appearing for the final exams.
  • Filter your sources and books — You will get around dozens of educational websites providing you ample data and matter to study for the examination. The same goes for the books, there are innumerable books by different writers all helping you with your studies for the JEE examination. However, remember you don’t need to mug up each one of these books. Do filter your sources and your books and select only ones which seem to be verified by experts and created by experienced mentors.
  • Use the best study tool — A study tool can be your biggest help in preparing for JEE exams and clearing it on the very first attempt. You have to ensure that the educational application you are using has all the rest of made solutions available with a brief explanation of the chapters. You will also find all the video and audio lectures created by some top teachers to enhance your studying Then the various exercises after each chapter and test make your studying time all the more interesting and rewarding.
  • The emotional preparation — Along with all the physical preparations that you do for clearing the JEE examination on the first attempt, it is important that you prepare yourself emotionally as well. First of all, remove the fear from your mind that you cannot clear the JEE examinations in first attempt. Secondly, start off early so that you don’t panic at the end moment as you prepare for the exams. Thirdly, while you attempt the JEE main 2019 question paper, ensure that you are gaining a lot of confidence as to what will be the most probable questions in your examinations and how you can clear them
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