Fameelee Family Locator Will Keep Your Family And Friends Connected And Safe

No matter what we do and where we go, the first thing that really matters to all of us is the safety of our family members and the loved ones. Whether it is your kid, spouse or other near and dear ones, you will get anxious and worried if they don’t show up within time. Especially the kids who daily go to school and come back home, safety and security is the main concern.

But in this busy world where everyone is working and doing some kind of job, it is not easy to keep an eye on your family members and friend to ensure that they are safe and secure. If you are a working parent, then you might find it really hard to keep track of your kids’ whereabouts and you might get highly worried about their security. Naturally, you would want to know if they are at their school, at their friends or at some other place.

Not only this but when your kids, family members or friend goes on a trip or hang out with their friends, then it becomes really difficult to know if they are at a safe place, driving within the speed limit or if got stuck in a dangerous situation.

But not anymore as we have a perfect solution for this. Yes, there is an app called Fameelee which is a family locator and helps you to locate our near and dear ones right from your mobile. It is the best, accurate, and innovative way to connect with your family and friends 24*7. Not only the location tracking of the people but Fameelee offers a lot more.

Some Of The Best Features Offered By Fameelee Are:

  • Track location and location history of your family members and friends
  • Get notified of their phone’s battery status
  • Get alerts if any of your group members exceed the speed limit
  • Group chat and the private chats
  • Emergency alerts
  • Less battery consumption

So, well, it seems like a really cool family locator app. Let’s get to know about its features in detail.

Track Your Family Members’ Real-Time Location

This is the main feature of Fameelee Family Locator. This incredible feature of this amazing application keeps you updated about the location of your family members and friends. It provides an easy access to the location of every group member. Not only the one-time location but it keeps the history of the previous locations too. Now, you don’t have to worry if you are really busy at work and could not check Fameelee frequently you can check the location history of the members, can view all the spots where your kids went from school or home.

The advanced GPS tracking system provides the accurate location, unlike other applications which sometimes give you false location details due to their weak GPS tracking system. You can completely rely on Fameelee as it keeps you updated even if there is a slight change in the location.

Interact With Members Via Chats And Group Chats

As I mentioned above, Fameelee offers much more than just the location tracking feature. Unlike other location tracking applications, Fameelee offers group chats and private chats too. You won’t find the private chat feature in any location tracking application and this feature makes Fameelee stand out from those location tracking apps. Chat in groups or with any group member individually.

Get/Send Emergency Alerts

Yet another handy feature of Fameelee is emergency alerts. If you or any other group member is in danger and need help then they can send emergency alerts with just one tap and it will send the notifications to all the group member with the exact location of the member who sent the emergency alert. The one-tap emergency alert sending feature of this app can be a life-saver in the time of need.

Speed Limit Control

Worry about our friends, kids or other family members if they are driving at a higher speed which may put them in danger? Well, not anymore, Fameelee also contains a feature which lets you set a driving speed limit and if someone from the group exceeds that limit, the app will notify to at the very moment so that you can alert them to lower the speed.

Also, knowing that you will know about overspeeding your kids will automatically keep the speed low.

Battery Efficiency

You must be wondering that the app which offers a lot of features and updates the information frequently will eat up your battery quickly. If you are thinking the same then let me tell you the developer of Fameelee developed the app in such a way that it consumes lesser battery so that your mobile can work for a longer time keeping you connected for long. It is a battery efficient application and uses as less battery as it can.

Create Place

Create places like school, home etc. and whenever a group member leaves that place, Fameelee will notify you about the same. It enables you to create as many places as you want.

Install, Setup And Use Fameelee To Track Your Family And Friends

Fortunately, using Fameelee is like the kids play. Set up and start locating your dear ones within a very short time. It requires the minimum information to get started with Fameelee.

  1. For using Fameelee, you need to first download and install it on your mobile device. Fameelee is available for Android and iOS devices. You can download it from App Store and Play Store. So, download and install it on your phone and then proceed to the next step.
  2. Once Fameelee is installed successfully, you have to signup to it. It offers 3 ways to create an account, using email, directly from Facebook, and using Gmail account. So, choose any of the methods and enter your details to complete the signup process.
  3. Next thing you need to do is to create circles. There is no limitation on the number of circles you can create. For creating a circle, click on the Family button present in the top middle of the app. Click the Create Circle button, enter a name for the circle and hit the Create button.
  4. After creating the circle, you need to add members to it. For adding members, again click on the button available at the top, select the circle to which you want to add the members.
    Tap the Invite New Member button and select the options from the given ones to send the invites to the people. You can also copy and paste your invite link anywhere.
  5. Once our family members or friends get the invitation and install & signup to the app, you will be able to view their location.
    you can also view their location history, chat with them in the group or individually, send emergency alerts, and set speed limit.

Pros Of Fameelee

  • Easy to use
  • Provides accurate and real-time location of the group members
  • Consume less battery
  • Lets you to view the location history of the group members
  • Emergency alerts in the case when someone needs help
  • Offers your to set the driving speed limit for the safety of your loved ones
  • You don’t need to spend a single penny as Fameelee is absolutely free of cost

Cons Of Fameelee

  • If your phone goes switched off due to any reason, you will not be able to track the group members and the app will be of no use


Download Fameelee For iOS Device

Download Fameelee For Android Device


I really appreciate the work of Fameelee app developers for creating such a useful application. Fameelee is all you need to have if you want to track your family members or friends and stay connected with them 24/7. Not only the real-time location tracking but you can also communicate with then via group chats and private chats. The emergency alerts, speed limit control and the battery efficient feature of Fameelee makes it a wonderful family locator tool. Now it’s time that you try this incredible app for yourself and share your opinions about it with us.

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