Where to Find a Good Designer to make my Company Logo?

Collaboration, this has always been one of the favorite words on the internet. With its power to easily tie two ends for a purpose – both the side that needs it and what it can achieve – this network is also the favorable environment today for any brand to find experienced designers to develop all kinds of graphic designs, from business logos to completing website creation.

Crowdsourcing: An idea that always works on the Internet

To be honest, what we call creative competition has another, more technical name: crowdsourcing. Combining the word crowd and outsourcing, this system came long before the web, which with the advent of the internet has become more prominent because of its ease in uniting people, completing them and working on various projects.

Today, sites like Wikipedia and even complicated systems like Linux are developed thanks to the crowdsourcing system, which is looking for networks for the best professionals to carry out tasks for these projects. The idea is that many heads are better at finding a solution than just one – and that’s why we bet on this kind of work.

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How creative competition works in the design industry

Every designer relies on production and shows good work so he can get new clients (or even vacancies in the market). Professionals need a space where they can show off their portfolios and also send their proposals to capture certain projects from companies – who set minimum prices and then accept work interested in deciding who to hire and how much to pay.

After that, as with competition in the advertising market, the proposal is compared with other professionals and is best approved by the client. A far more practical, inexpensive and efficient way to develop graphic material compared to the same work done by agencies and design studios.

Agency problem

Although there are thousands of good design and studio agencies around the world, in each case the same problem is repeated: cost effectiveness.

Companies that specialize in designing and producing drawings need to bear quite high amounts of expenses – including salaries of professionals – which are ultimately paid for through customer contracts. However, thinking from the client’s side, when he pays for a contract with the agency, he may not necessarily get the workmanship of the best professionals there or the person who has the profile that is most compatible with him. In addition, because of its many internal procedures, when clients request some changes or new project planning for the agency, the work often requires more time to develop than if done directly with professionals.

With all this in mind, when we add these facts we realize that the work carried out by an agency, besides being more expensive and slower, also does not always bring higher quality than freelancers. But for large projects, contacting the agency is considered more practical than contacting freelancers one by one. You can find agencies that specialize in serving large corporations. Here are some agencies specializing in corporate website designs.

In the end, whatever your choice, finding a service with a profile that resembles the one you are looking is the best way you can do. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Bradley Wood is a freelance writer who lives in Pomona, Los Angeles. He is pursuing graduation from the University of California (UC). Bradley frequently contributes his high-quality articles in Academics and Education to our site to help students in their day-to-day life.