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It is a proven fact that a person’s visual memory is much stronger than the auditory and that is the reason why your website needs a great logo. Creating a logo is the perfect way to make people recognize and remember your brand. But wait, is it that easy! It takes a lot of time, efforts, and creativity to create a logo that represents your business and establishes your brand. Finding out a creative designer who can represent your brand in the form of a logo, itself takes time and the price they charge for it is very high and may not be affordable to you.

But don’t worry! There are many logo maker software around and you can choose the best among them like I have chosen Flamingtext Logo Maker. I have been using Flamingtext logo maker for months. It comes with several amazing features to allow you to create a perfect logo. For personal or professional use, this online logo maker service has amazing tools which let you create professional logo quickly without seeking the help of any graphic designer. I am so satisfied with this service that I am writing this review to tell you about all amazing features of FlamingText online logo maker and also show you how to create a professional logo for your brand or app within few minutes.

Flamingtext logo maker allows you to design your business logo by choosing the best font and color among many and believe me, all it takes just a few minutes. Also, the process of creating a logo of your wish will be done in a few steps. Check out the process here.

Step-by-step Guide to Create a Logo using FlamingText

Compared to other image editing software, Flamingtext Logo Maker is simple and easy to learn and even simpler when you get used to it.

Step 1: Pick a Logo Icon

As soon as you set foot on the website, you will be asked to enter your brand name for which you want to create a logo. Beneath, you can find various styles and fonts that Flamingtext Logo Maker offers you. Just have a look!

Now, give your brand name in the box provided and click on ‘Go’ or just enter. You can see your brand name in different styles and fonts as just you have seen earlier. Check out the wide range of styles and pick the best-suited one for your logo.

Step 2: Edit Logo

After choosing the logo icon, you can find the ‘edit logo’ option that allows you to customize the logo and create a new one. Customizing the logo is quite interesting as the Flamingtext logo maker lets you change every other option in created a beautiful logo that fits your brand or business.

You can see five categories and can customize each. In the ‘Text’ option, you can confirm your logo text, select the font and font size. However, you can change the font size up to ‘199’ for free but if you want more than that, you have to go with a paid plan where you have to spend a little money, however, very less than other logo makers. You can also find the ‘advanced’ option where you have many options like text padding, increase size, alignment etc and this too comes under the paid plan.

Once you are done with ‘Text’, you can customize color, pattern, and gradient of the logo in ‘Logo’ category, following, you can opt for ‘shadow’ and select the type you want which allows you to change further, as per your requirements. If you are okay with the current look and no need of changes, you can opt for ‘none’ and proceed to ‘Background’ where you can select the background of the logo from the available five options.

The last thing you have to make is ‘image’ settings where you can see the options: Fixed Size, Autocrop, Padding, and file Format. You have to be a paid member to change the fixed size, however, all the remaining options are free. Change the autocrop and padding options, if required and select the file format and click on ‘Next’. You can find the download option here, just click on it, if the logo looks perfect else you can go back using ‘edit logo’ option and customize the logo again.

What Flamingtext Logo Maker Paid Plans Offer

Though the free plan has good features, Flamingtext is offering the paid plans to their customers for more advanced options. So, if your requirement is not limited to just personal use then I recommend you to take a look at FlamingText online logo maker paid plans below to know the pricing scheme and additional features you’ll be able to enjoy with them:

Pay Per Logo:

If you want to create just one commercial logo using all advanced features, you can go with pay per logo. In pay per logo, you can get a watermark-free logo, up to a maximum of 50 characters, and 200px font size are allowed. You can even revise it whenever you want and all is for just $24.


In the premium plan, you can create and customize 5 commercial logos per month and up to 500 logo characters and 500px font size are allowed. The extra benefit of a premium plan overpay per logo is no advertisements will be allowed to distract you while designing. This plan comes for $2.99 per month.


The professional plan comes for $8.99 per month. Felt a bit high? But I opt for this plan for its wonderful benefits over other plans. People can make the best use of it with all advanced features here. Along with other plan benefits, professional plan include other features like unlimited professional logos, premium logo effects, up to 500 characters and 1000px font size, and no advertisements. So, this is really helpful for the logo designers for making unlimited commercial logos.

On the top of all, all the three paid plans offer a 30-day money back guarantee which is like offering a security for your valuable money!

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