Top 3 Best Flooring Options for USA Homes & Properties

Today we are going to talk about some flooring options that are most-sought for the new homes in the USA. We will also check on the pricing and the heat resisting capacity of each of the flooring options. So, let’s begin.

Top Flooring Options in the USA Homes & Properties

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LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

LVT is at the top of the list when it comes to home flooring in the USA.  Here are the reasons why: it is waterproof, sturdy, and a cost-effective flooring option with low maintenance requirements. Moreover, vinyl flooring is much preferred by DIYers for self installations; the click-together options make such installations faster and convenient.  

People often use the groutable LVT to give a realistic look to their home flooring. The  DuraCeramic tile made from the composition of vinyl and limestone is used for flooring and is stronger cum drop-resistant giving a natural look to the tiles. DuraCeramics are mostly installed in the bathrooms or shower, where it is best suited. You can add a beautiful and effective absorbent mat near the wet area to keep the rest of your floor dry. 

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Use a mop LVT or dry vacuum regularly to wash off the dust and debris. If the flooring is any down glued material, make sure to clean up any spill or liquid right away from the floor to avoid accidents. Most manufacturers recommend not to use soap-based solutions, abrasive or caustic cleaners.

Note that you should not use a steam cleaner as a vinyl cleaning solution because this can detriment to planks or cause the glue to release the tile holdings. 

TIP: Though most floor cleaners are safe for cleaning vinyl floors, if you are uncertain which one is usable, test the product on a small portion of the floor. Or, you can first dilute the solution with water and then try using it.


For pro-grade vinyl flooring installation, the expenditure ranges from ($3.50 to $15)/ square foot.

Heat Resistance 

The only setback of vinyl flooring is that it cannot resist heat. However, compared to numerous other flooring options (materials) which are not resistant to fire, vinyl floors are flame-resistant as well as flame-retardant. That means the flooring will not catch fire and spread it all over the house. Vinyl flooring is the best of all as it is concerned about the safety against fire protection. 

Hardwood Flooring

Modern hardwood flooring is available in two types; engineered woods and solid woods. The former type of wood consists of layers: the top and bottom layers and are of real hardwood which sandwiches the middle layer material made of composite plywood layers. The engineered wood is cheaper than the solid wood type. They are also resistant to scratches, which is a plus point for those who have pets or children in their house. 

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The engineered hardwood can be given more texture through hand-scraped flooring; this process involves the use of different handheld tools to create natural-looking marks, designs, and dents in the wood. On the contrary, the solid wood flooring has the advantage of getting it refurbished at any time to enhance the interior look of your house. This option is typically for those who like to change the interior flooring of their house seasonally. 


Similar to A LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), you must clean the blots or spills right away (if possible). Never allow the water to settle on the hardwood for longer. Try using a wet cloth or some cleaning liquids (that are typically developed for cleaning hardwood flooring). Or, you can try using a handheld canister vacuum with a soft brush fitted to it so as to get a scratch-free cleaning experience. Keep the nails of your pets (if any) trimmed regularly to prevent risks of scratches.


For hardwood flooring installation, the average cost ranges from ($6 to $12) per square foot, inclusive of the materials and labor cost. However, the budget may still vary based on the quality of hardwood and the design used. The cost of refurbishing hardwood flooring is between ($3 and $8)per square foot.

Heat Resistance 

Hardwood flooring is the most efficient one in terms of getting high heat resistance; when used with electric underfloor heating systems installation.  Here, the hardwood conducts and preserves the heat generated by the electric floor heater and emits it to the entire room.

Carpet Flooring

The good thing about carpet flooring is that carpets are available in numerous textures and colors compared to other flooring options. This type of flooring installation is usually done in the bedrooms or staircases. Carpet flooring is comparatively softer and hence are more comfortable to walk on. This type of flooring is for those who have infants in their house so that they don’t get hurt if fall.  

Most types of carpets are piece-dyed, i.e. only the upper layer is dyed. So, if the carpet gets blotted, it stains the underlying part unless washed right away.

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Keep the carpet clean by regular vacuuming. Also, ensure to rub out the blots(if any) as soon as possible with a wet, absorbent rug or towel. The longer you take to clear out the spill, the harder it will be for you to clean it as by then the blot would soak through the carpet pad to the subfloor. 


The installation cost of carpet flooring ranges from $3.50 to $11 per square foot. This is one of the most budget-friendly flooring options because of the low cost of material used. The overall expenditure for installing a carpet pad is $3.75 per square foot (on average).

Heat Resistance 

Carpet flooring offers remarkably good insulation. Being natural insulators, the carpet fibers have a low heat-conducting capacity. The heat resistance of carpet flooring is considerably higher compared to plywood and concrete; two widely used flooring materials, but similar to the insulation characteristic of fiberglass.

There are many other flooring options that are availed for new housing in the USA. But, let that be a topic for another day. We hope the above article was helpful to your purpose. 

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